Textured Hair For Men



Textured hair for men


Surely, men can sport different textured hair when women can play with their hair to get different textured style. It is easier for the men to play with volume of their hair. This style is stylish as well as low maintenance. As a result, it is gaining limelight over the past few years. In this article, we’ll take you through various inspiring haircut which you should try at least once in your life time.


Let’s start with wave texture, in this style; men prefer having a lot of wave hair in the top with tapered fade. This ultra-cool look will give you a refreshing makeover. In case, if love having locks falling into your forehead like a fringe, you may pair it with skin fade. You shall add some spikes to make your top hair stylish. This textured look will make you stand apart from the crowd. Young men are getting crazy about this particular style. Don’t get dishearten if you have curly hair, we have an amazing haircut for you too! You should be sporting loads of curls with faded sides. Your shiny curls can be brushed up or let to flow freely into your sides.


The blonds can opt for a tall voluminous spiky look. The skin fade in the sides will give importance to the tall spikes. This amazing look will make you a heart-throb. If in case, you want to spice up your textured look, you must try different razor patterns on your head. Get creative as possible to look dapper as well as to stand out from the rest. Also, you may opt for thrown back look, where your longer hair is pushed back to give you a handsome look. This is the best style to sport your short sides along with long locks.


Smart and Quiff go together! It’s time to get a smart makeover with Quiff. All you have to do is get the sides of Quiff fades to get the desired textures on the hair. Keep a lot of long hair in top and also keep it wet with the help of hair gel. Feel free to shave your sides and pair it with thick top of French crop. You may achieve a nerdy look by just wearing glasses. The Greek Caesar look can be attained with short crop and minimal sides. Your trendy angular fringe adds extra charm to any textured hair.


Crops and military cuts are back in fashion with bang! You sport any of the above mentioned styles without hesitation as it will never get out of fashion. No fade, taper fade, skin fade and shave are the various options available to make your textured hair more interesting. You should play with the length of the top hair to get your desired look. Get ready to charm over all the girls you pass by with your ultra-cool style statement. Now, it’s high time to meet your hairdresser to get the best textured hair for you!

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