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The very popular pop star ‘Taylor Swift’ has made sensations with heart breaking songs and makes followed people lost in her love records. She is an undeniably a girl’s girl who always tends to drop a change up her signature style with each albums.


From her first album to till date, her signature styles ranges from blunt bangs to trendy bob styles where you can witness a dramatic shift precisely in her look and style, over the past decades.


Starting from the beginning of her career, the 17 year old made her first public appearance with the side-swept tight curls of long locks reaching below her shoulder line. The very light blonde hair color made the tight curls slightly bouncy and she maintained this hairstyle for the next three years.


To the 40th annual award function, she let her loose curls into tight curls from the roots. Actually, the tight curls looked like ringlet strands that are side-swept as well and make to cover one side of the face. The light golden shade along with the curls, offers an adorable look to her.


Finally, she said a good bye to the tight curly look and tried the loose wavy texture. The light brown hair color and the messy wavy textured style, makes her face look elongated. She accentuated this hairstyle with a single floral headband in London event.


From then on, she started trying various updo styles with the loose curly hair. At the Los Angeles, Taylor Swift gave her look a favor style with messy curled updo. She let her some strands in the front to fall off and gathered all her hair to pin up them into a simple updo.


Again, you can witness the same updo style this time with a slight change of neat look to the Academy awards function.


To the CMT awards, she tried a side bun with the braid strands and side-swept style. The heavy braided side bun exactly covering the ear and the light blonde hair color gives a casual neat look.


Swift then opted for a sleek softer barrel waves along with the side-swept bangs to a fashion event. The dark platinum color gave the barrel waves more textured look and it went well with her warm skin tone.


After that, to a red carpet look she tried a sleek straight hair texture with golden color. The side-swept soft flowing long lock of slight curly texture from the midway is one of her favorite look and many went crazy over with this look.


The low ponytail style and the accentuating long side-swept bangs with curly ends falling off over her face, is an eye-catching look.


Her greatest transformation look is the straight sleek hair with chopped cut blunt end bangs. The platinum shade gave her jaw-dropping look and astonishing. She even tried some simple updo styles with this bang style.


Finally, Swift went for the trending medium length lob style of sleek texture and pointed ends. The side-swept bangs and bright brown hair color goes well with each other.


Her recent look is the bright platinum shaded hair color with loose wavy textured lob hairstyle along with the straight cut bang across the forehead.

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