Taper Mohawk Haircut For Men



One of the funkiest haircuts for men is the Mohawk hairstyle. This look is characterized by its outrageous design. This look is quite bold and not for the faint hearted as it demands not only great body language to compliment it but also a certain level of commitment when it comes to maintenance. One of the coolest variations of this cut is the taper Mohawk design. The taper Mohawk is longest at the middle of the forehead and at the area of the hairline and then tapers off  into the back and at the sides which are shaved.




Now, if a man is in a mood to make the make the boldest fashion statement possible with a taper  Mohawk haircut, then he can go for the buzzed Mohawk which is rather outrageous to say the least. The hair is spiked throughout the entirety of it length and with its glossy finish, it is sure to make any guy stand out.




But, if this look seems a tad too experimental then, a man can go for the taper fade comb over Mohawk. This look is a lot  more understated than the buzzed Mohawk and is a real classy take on the traditional Mohawk. This style is  a unique combination of a combover and the taper fade. This haircut is sure to add a lot of character  to a person’s overall style.




One can also go for a swept back tapered quiff Mohawk hairstyle. In this look, the hair from the front is swept to the back while the hair on the top is tapered towards the hairline. This look is very avant-garde and one can even add a dash of colour to the slicked back portion to give the style even more pizzazz.




However, this haircut also looks cool on curly hair. In this look,the curls on the top are cut short all the way from the nape to the hairline. The sides are shaved as usual. But, if one is on the lookout for something that is a bit more outrageous,  then one can go for the V shaped fade with some highlights to boot. In this look, the two bordering sections between the Mohawk and the faded sides on the back are separated by shaved lines.




Guys can also go  for a wavy design with their taper Mohawk hairstyle. This look is a bit of a toned down version of the buzzed cut but is still just as outrageous. Another masterly and characterful taper hairdo is the combination of the taper fade with a ponytail. This hairstyle is very unique and when pulled off correctly, it lends a touch of hipster class to a man’s style.




So, the taper fade Mohawk style is one of the coolest hairstyles in the business and the taper fade is one of its trendiest variations. The best thing about this look is that it is nowadays sported not just by hipsters and lovers of punk but also celebrities and sportspersons. Its growing popularity is just a sign of things to come.

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