Taper Fade Haircut For Men



Fade haircuts are famous and popular amongst men, which offer a standard look. The tapered fade haircut was a popular choice for men. Moreover, this trend will not go away so soon for many years and offers a masculine look.


The term fade, is often interchangeably with the fade haircut. However, technically taper and fade are two different hairstyles. Both, the taper and fade refer to the hair at the sides and back of the head. They go from shorter to shortest at the neckline.


They grow back in clean, compared to blocked napes or neckline that are defined line. Mostly, tapered haircuts are generally longer fades that starts with couple of inches of length on top and going shorter down in the line. Combining both of them, the taper fade offers the best of both and making the longer hair going down to skin in the smooth transition.


Beyond the popular low and high tapered fade, there are number of types of fade cuts like mid, skin or bald ones. You can also combine the tapered fade with hairstyle like comb over, pompadour or Mohawks and even high top styles, which are merely your choice.


Taper fade with Mohawk, have hair on the back of your head increase in length from top to bottom. The left longer top hair can be lifter with either Fauxhawk or Mohawk style and with side parted style. These combinations offer you a classy look, for a workplace environment.


Regarding high tapered fade, the hair gets 2-inches or less hair on top. It looks good on dark hair and anybody can go for this style, as it is simple to style and easy to do as well. Use gel or spray, to hold the hair on place and make the style lasts for some time.


While, the low fade is opposite to the high fade one in the way the hair are more than 2-inches in length on the top. The hair is side parted with a prominent line, which makes the style neat and look clean.


The temple fade and afro tape fade are best for curly nature hair. These styles have mostly adopted by black men to suit their complexion. The afro taper fade falls under the high fade category, where the hair length decreases from top to bottom.


In the temple fade style, it is a low faded one but the different in transition between hair lengths is more abrupt and the evident is clearly visible. This fade has termed as Afro Blow out, Brooklyn fade or simply as Blowout.


Moreover, nowadays the tapered fades are not like the traditional and timeless hairstyles for men. The modern style is also a clean look and an element of interest as they introduce your own style every time.


These fades often blend well with the facial features or feature hair designs, where you get real inspiration. The gradual length on the hairstyles is more of your choice and for the first time, you can visit salon to get perfect fade.

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