Swept Back Hair For Women



Even though, the recent trend of loose style with messy look is popular everywhere, one thing is still taking over this hairstyle. That is the slicked back hair, which is one badass hairstyle that gives serious note vibe to its wearer.


The swept-back hairstyle can be either wet look or precision updo, as this way of styling is the hottest trend and gives you a sexy gorgeous look. Your hair may be long or short, the slick back style has more variations to each hair types.


If you want to know how to achieve this wet slick back style, just follow these simple steps. Make sure your hair is 70% dry and little dirty, to add texture and hold in place for longer time. Use a paddle brush to gently smooth over it and brush the front hair away from your face.


To the brushed away front hair, push it up a bit at the crown to get an extra voluminous look. Finally, use any hairspray products over the paddle brush and lightly drag the brush over the hair to make sure it holds in place as long as it should.


Mostly, the bob haircut looks best with the slick back style. Keep the sides of the hair held tightly in place and make the front hair into slick back top slightly loose than the sides. The tight sides and loose slick back top style, plays well with the contrast and balances your face look.


With long wavy hair, you can easily achieve the vintage look with the slick back style. Because, the long hair often creates the soft edgy look and slicking it back makes you look more beautiful and daring in its own way.


If you do not want a slick back look with loose hairstyle, then ponytails and certain updo styles look even better with it. Make sure your pony is at very high to accentuate the slick back front look, but the updo styles must be at the nape of the neck.


Moreover, many celebrity stars have widely chose this slick back hairstyle for the red carpet events staying distinguished. Some remarkable looks are ‘Mollie King’ slicked back hair with dark blonde shade on the top and platinum color to the lower ends, makes her look simply adorable.


Kate Hudson keeps her hair dry and textured the short bob style with the slick back hairdo, whereas ‘Arizona Muse’ made her slick short bob style into a tiny ponytail at the back, which offers the best edgy style to her.


The star ‘Gigi Hadid’ went for a vintage style slick-back hair with centre partition featuring wet look and bold red lips.


Finally, the most favorite slick back celebrity style is the ‘Jennifer Lawrence’s’, where she styled her short hair into a loose slicked back look that create a huge voluminous look and the different golden shades of hair offers a chic elegant appearance.


Above all these, the slick back hairstyle have the tendency to provide a serious aura and vibrant look. As this style is not your everyday look, this style will be a great choice for any occasions to steal the event.

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