Straight Weave For Black Women



Straight weave for black women


It is dream come true for all the Afro-Americans out there to have silk and sleek straight hair. Some are naturally blessed with it whereas some try achieving it with various remedies which can be natural as well as artificial. So, if you opt for a straight weave for your thin hair, then it is one such artificial method to make your look thick.


You may keep your gorgeous locks as side swept free flowing locks in order to define your style statement. This simple yet classy look will help to create an endeavouring personality. You may as well keep your tresses free with just side part. This particular look can be paired ombre of red shades to give you a breath-taking look. Middle part will help your locks to flow freely beyond your shoulders in both sides. You should sport this classy look if you have really long hair. A ravishing look can be attained by streaking a bit of purple into your long beautiful mane.


You need not let go your bangs in order accommodate your straight weave. You can pair your bangs with weave to get a cute and charming look. Even the back hair can be turned into a high bun or braid to give importance to your bangs. You can take a middle part and tie both the sides as a top knots and also with bangs in the front. You will look simply adorable. If not buns, you can go for two ponytails or braids each side to sport a school girl look with your cute bangs running into your eyes. Straight bangs will suit you the best if you’re opting for the above hair styles.


In case, you don’t want a middle part, you may feel free to sport a really cool side part for your bangs alone. With it, you can go for an elegant bun which you can wear for a meeting or wedding. You can also play with weaves to make a stylish up-do and pair it with bangs and beads to add extra beauty to your already pretty face. Side bangs will give you a classy look which you have been craving all your life.


The fringes can be combined with a high pony which will be bouncy as the mane of the horse. You can sport this simple look if you’re running late for your date or friends outing. It will hardly take 2 minutes to wear this stylish look. If not, pair your fringe with a side braid which looks messy to give a girl-next-door look. We are quite sure you will love this style as you don’t need hours to style it as well as you will be comfortable wearing this stunning look.


Take pride in being a black and you must add colours to your weaves! Bring out the vivacious soul in you, in the form of colourful mane! You shall opt for flamingo colours on your hair to create a visual treat to others. In case, if you’re craving for a sophisticated appearance, keep it simple with some caramel and gold ombre. Happy styling for pretty weaves, folks!

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