Straight Back Hair For Women



With long and sleek hair texture, slicked back straight hairstyle is the most prominent styles and one of the biggest red carpet trends. Even celebrities like ‘Kim Kardashian’, ‘Ellie Goulding’ take inspiration from it and recreated this straight back hairstyle pretty well.


In this world with recent trends, the long beach wavy textures or bobs style, with this straight back hair look is refreshing. This look works fine with all hair types and face shapes. The style can be either simply slicked back or wet look and precision styled with glossy updo.


To get this chic style, first use texture-spray to your hair, before blow-drying it. Use small boar-bristle comb brush to the blow-dried hair, by making the roots to the crown of the head look voluminous. Then, pin back the sides using no-crease clip and keep the top volumized.


The height, shaping and molding depends upon how you want to look it and smooth the top back with fine comb again. Finally, finish the style with strong hold spray to make the hair not to fall out of place.


The base style is the same and you can try any hairstyles with this straight back hair look. Depending upon your hair length, you can choose your hairstyle.


Simple ponytail with straight-slicked back looks sexy and suitable for any occasions. Either high ponytail or knotted ponytail can be various choices. After making ponytail, take a small section from underneath hair and wrap them around the pony to make it appear chic and pull-together look.


For medium hair length, bob styles with slick back texture, is trendy and it can also accentuate the face shapes as well! The hair that falls off until the neckline, when slicked back can make your overall appearance give a change over and you will for sure feel happy about it.


As, the bob style is always trendy in the recent times. This style offers a short, sharp and so fashionable look, which will also become your favorite style.


With the pixie cut, you can also try with slicked back style. This short style will make you look glamorous. Nothing can beat the look of wet hair, strong bows and nude lip. Celebrities like, Emma Watson, Coco Rocha and Shailene Woodley have all been with this slicked back pixie style, at the red carpet events.


This style is also great, because it gets your hair out of your face so that it flattens it and softens the prominent cheekbones as well. More than all these, this style is quick and easy.


Both, darker shades and blonde effects, looks good with slicked back straight hairstyle. The darker hair color is suitable for warmer skin tones and best when done into slicked back one. When you have natural blonde effects, maintain the same shade as it is best with the style.


Moreover, keep in mind to have the right touch of makeup that mix well with the slicked back texture. Because, the slick back one sometimes make you look dull and subtle, without right dressing and makeup.

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