Step Haircuts For Women



As far as Wikipedia is concerned,the term used  for  a graduated haircut is called step cutting. In this case the haircut is formed of cascading steps with a sharp demarcation between each step. This haircut is best suited for those who have thick and slightly wavy hair. Unlike a layered haircut which just mixes all the layers together, this hairdo goes for separate layers. Not only does this hairdo make a girl look beautiful but also gives her hair a voluminous look.




Girls wanting to go for this style can always go with a short graduated hairdo. But then this hairdo works best with medium to long hair.  Thus the medium haired women can go for the graduated  bob hairdo that was popularized by Jennifer Anniston. This sexy hairdo not only looks stylish but is also quite sophisticated.




Girls with silky hair can also go for a graduated bob that is extra long and also has a long fringe at the centre. With some of the strands falling over the eyes, this makes for a very fetching hairdo indeed.




The red-heads can go for a medium graduated bob haircut with heavy bangs covering the forehead and ending just over the eyes. Step haircuts are always at home with wavy hair and a medium blonde bob haircut on wispy  and wavy hair  looks very edgy and very stylish. One can just build on the messy element further by designing the waves in a messy fashion as well.




However, if a girl is looking for something rather outrageous then she can go for a  highly voluminous mass of hair on top and with much thinner, almost like fade cut sides on the bottom. Girls with curly hair can really celebrate those curls with a super curly medium bob hairdo. This do is quite funky and also quite pretty.




Hair colours just add an extra dimension to the graduated haircuts and girls who want to go for something that is a bit out of the ordinary can go for several colouring options with their step haircuts. On this note, it must be said that a graduated bob hairdo is really quite eye-catching and  is sure to turn heads from the get-go.




Now, if a girl wants to go for classier shades, then a base of deep chocolate brown can make her graduated haircut look simply amazing. The combination of the two is sure to make the guys go weak in the knees. Graduated hairdos also look ultra-cool in a shade of  platinum white. But, if a girl wishes to stick out of the crowd with something that is well and truly bold, then she can colour her step hairdo a shade of teal blue.Shades of pink and purple are just as outlandish if not a tad more understated.




So, these are some of the best step haircuts to go for. It is quite easy to see as to why they are so loved. Texture wise, they bring something totally different to the table and make the ladies’ hair look not only bigger but stately and gorgeous at the same time. Bravo indeed!

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