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Amongst all the celebrities, one star who truly deserves a shout out is the ‘Sophia Bush’. She always inspires everyone with careful curation of beauty tips, fashion styles and even more amazing activism. Above all these, she is such a biggest beauty role model since early.


Whether it is a new haircut and styles or a brand new hair color, Sophia always tries everything and remains a beauty with full of confident, by staying comfortable.


When you look for Sophia Bush’s hairstyle ideas, mostly all of them are simple and basic styles that look so beautiful in her. She styles each one of them in a unique way by showing off her individuality in it. Some of her best-looking hairstyles are loose textures.


Bush had a fabulous bang style made of straight sleek texture with blunt ends, covering the eyebrows. She colored the loose wavy textured hair reaching until the shoulder line with dark caramel shade. Letting the hair to flow on both sides accentuated her well-shaped bang look.


The high ponytail along with the bang style adds a sultry touch to the classic and sweet style. This blunt end bang style offers a universal flattering look to all face shapes.


From then, she cut off her bang look and went for a centre-parted style. Giving some quite thick curls from the midways with pointed ends suits her face shape and is really flaunting.


Sophia’s another curly hairstyle is the short formal look, which is a great way to fake a bob style. The simple side-swept style to the top sleek hair and making the curly texture from the ear line, gave her a touch of vintage style.


She then cut her hair into a medium length bob style, reaching below the neckline. The side parted style with a side sweeping bangs covering the eyebrows and the loose textured waves look very casual yet beautiful.


For a sophisticated look, she made her loose waves bob style into a dense curly style. To a red carpet event, she went on with this curly dark chocolate brown bob hairstyle with heavy stone necklace. She completely steals the event with her glossy curls and polished finish look.


From then, she completely moved on to sleek straight texture hair. She went for layered haircut with pointed ends, with brunette shade to the hair.


Her chic brunette ponytail, at the very low back and some thick strands of the front hair left to hang free. This casual way of loose ponytail is a fun style to look.


She let her medium brunette hair to fall off on the front sides of the shoulder and gave a touch of messy from the midways. This is a simple and great way to rock the formal occasions.


Later, she tried a very bright honey hue to the sleek straight hair. The very high ponytail at the crown, combed backwards make her look gorgeous and stylish.


Sophia’s recent look is the layered sleek straight long hair with the curved ends and for this style, she went for a bright chocolate shade on the top sleek hair and light brown honey hue to the curved ends, which was an entire different style.

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