Small Senegalese Twist For Black Women



48. Small Senegalese twist for black women:


The Senegalese twist is a famous African hairstyle worn by women from all parts of the world. These braids are known as rope twist braids and are extremely versatile. This is one of the protective hairstyles worn by black women. These Senegalese twists look beautiful and ensure that you look spectacular. If you want to get a Senegalese twist then there are many size options. The jumbo Senegalese twists are extremely popular among black women but in this article we shall cover small Senegalese twists.


There are simpler things that you can do to vary your everyday curly look. Half-up half-down Senegalese twist hairstyles are great for keeping the hair of your face, and it’s really up to you if you want to go a lot further. A bun can really look cute with this hairdo, and even if you want to take it up a notch and add accessories to this hairstyle. If you are thinking of getting a crochet Senegalese twists then the final results will make you look elegant and stunning. It is a popular hairstyle choice among African American women.


In a lot of cases, you will seem to find that the Senegalese are swept behind or have a middle parting. However, if you part your hair to the side it gives rise to an extremely feminine look. You will discover that pony tails are a really easy way to style your Senegalese twists and it will keep your hair off your face. The high ponytail resembles a palm tree and your hair falls gracefully to the sides. These small Senegalese twists take up a lot of time and effort but they look gorgeous once done.


You can also accentuate your look by adding accessories like chains to either one or both sides of your head. Many celebrity figures have worn Senegalese twists and continue to wear them. Among them is Brandy who rocks them with her head held high. The singer’s beautiful hairstyle combines a classy chignon along with a vintage style at the top. If you are a woman who doesn’t want your bun to look like a turban then you try the half up-half down hairstyle. This hairstyle uses less number of twists and in the end you get a chic top knot.


The Senegalese Twist Updo is a hairstyle that you can wear even for the fanciest and most formal events. While the pony tail at the back looks simple and basic, the top part makes the hairstyle look unique. This hairstyle looks extremely cute when paired with a nice hat. Although, Senegalese twists are usually black or brown in colour, colouring your hair blonde is also a nice alternative. It goes very well with dark roots , so you could try this option as well.


A lot of people would love to have this special type of hair, and you should treat it thankfully and carefully. You just need to let your imagination fly and try different things you thought would never look good on you, and you’ll be surprised with the results. Something you should also do is planning ahead the hairstyles for the week and practice so you know how long it takes you to do each one.  That way you’ll optimize your time in the morning and still have time to look flawless anywhere you go!

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