Small Braids Hairstyles For Women



Small braids are a very stylish way at controlling hair that is messy or frizzy. These small braids are not only very functional but also very stylish and quite sophisticated. There are many options to choose from when it comes to small braids or micro braids. And, it is always great to have options!




One can go for the Goddess microbraids which are very funkily classy and brings the best out of a girl’s curly hair. But an even more classy look is the oversized high bun hairdo. Long loose strands help to amplify the oomph factor of this look. But if one is in the mood for something a lot more sensuous, then a middle-parted loose microbraid is a great look to go for.




Another, very sensuous look is the one that combines micro-braids with flowing natural hair. One can make his look even more sensuous by pushing the free-flowing locks to one side. Armed with this hairdo and the right attitude, this look is sure to turn heads. One can also style the microbraids in an elegant ballerina bun.  A girl can also go for a messy bun look. This funky look is very stylish and is sure to turn heads.




Now, if a girl likes a bit of twist in her hairdo, then the corn row microbraid is the perfect look to go for. A woman can also add a loose ponytail to her corn row microbraids. This very messy and casual look still manages to look quite sophisticated. However, if this is too messy, then a sleek microbraid can also be styled onto one’s hair.




One can also go for microbraids that start thinner at the roots but gain volume as they progress towards the roots. This style lends a more voluminous look. But, if a girl loves her ponytails, then she can go for a high ponytail and to give it an air of sensuality she can choose to flip it over on the front. Very sexy.




One can also add a side fringe to a microbraid. This style is very classy and the fringe can be accomplished with the hair strands itself and without even cutting the hair.  But, if one wishes to make quite the statement with her small braids, then one can go for the very cool red microbraids. This look which incorporates a stylishly loose microbraid which is topped off in a very cool shade of red. This unique style is guaranteed to make a girl stand out from the crowd. But if a girl wishes to stoke the Rockstar spirit inside of her, then she can go for a small braid style that has a messy bun on the front and corn row braids on the sides. This look is however for the seriously bold women out there and is best reserved for hard core occasions.




So, microbraids are one of the most fun hairstyles out there. They are versatile and helps one make quite a style statement. No wonder, girls love it so much.

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