Skin Fade Haircuts For Men



The process of fading hair automatically gives more focus to not only the hair on the top but also any facial hair. Thus, no wonder, the skin fade hairstyle is so popular these days and it has been that way for quite some time. This look is not only very trendy but also goes well with any classic hairstyle.




The best quality of any good hairstyle is its inherent versatility. The skin fade haircut scores high on that aspect. Men can start low, medium or high and it all depends on the look they desire to get. It also depends on the cut and the style.




Skin fade haircuts can be styled in various ways. One such style is the skin fade undercut. This is a suave look and comprises of a fade and slicked back hair. And, if one wants to really put focus on the hair, then there is the high skin fade. In this case there is minimal possible volume on the sides and perfect for heart and round face shapes.




Then there is the “Long on Top” Skin fade haircut that mixes long texture on the top with sides that are short and blurry. There is the skin fade comb over which is a classic hairstyle that is reinvented with the addition of a skin fade. It gives a very different look indeed.




A person with curly or wavy hair can opt for a mid-fade, one that emphasizes the long hair on the top. But if one desires an even more lower fade, then the low skin fade along the hairline gives the look a cutting edge! One cool trend of 2017 is the skin fade Pompadour which employs a high skin fade.




But if this isn’t cool enough, there is a variant of this style that consists of a short mohawk with faded sides. A surgical line can also be added to give it a razor-sharp look! One cool skin fade haircut for this summer is the fade with a textured crop. Not only does it look cool, but is very comfortable in warmer climes.




A low skin fade lends even the Afro hair a cool new look. This look is for all the black men out there! The quiff with a mid-fade is another trendy variation of the skin fade style. In this style, a nice contrast is achieved with the help of a sharp edge around the temple that runs all the way into a blurry fade. Now, if one wants to wear the hair very short, there is the buzz fade.




The skin fade is not only stylish, it also has a refreshing air of lightness about it. It is an especially useful look for those guys seeking a stylish and edgy look. For those guys who like to maintain a well-groomed beard and contrast it with an ultra-cool hairstyle, this is one look that can always be tried. No wonder, this look is seriously in right now and is only getting more popular with each passing day. More variations in store? One can only wait and watch!

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