Single Braids For Women



Single braids for women


All the girls with unmanageable lengthy hair out there, we have an absolute solution for your problems! We all know you would love to sport incredibly innovative hairstyle. And, the main benefit derived from this particular hairstyle is that it can be extremely low maintenance. Surely, we know you really want to learn more about the hairstyle. It is an absolute pleasure to brief you up! We introduce to you a creative hairstyle called as single or box braids. The attractive element about this hairstyle is its ultra-cool look achieved at the end. In case, if you are still not convinced, then what if we say, for next 3 to 4 weeks you just don’t need any styling or maintenance? Whether you believe it or not, this is the fact and major advantage of sporting such a hairstyle out of all the other options available. Especially, hair damage is controlled with the help of the braids all around your head.  It is a stated fact that braided hair grows faster than being in any other hairstyle in offer.


If in case you’re pleased with this hairstyle, then we are quite sure that you would love to learn more about the styling. This article is written with the sole motive of educating you more about the style. The various eye catching hairstyles you should be trying are explained in detail, if you be keen on experimenting with your striking tresses.


You must be sporting the renowned cornrow mix, if your love for cornrow doesn’t leave your heart. Make sure to benevolently sport this impressive look if you want a standard hairstyle for few months. But, in order to spice up your daily look, you can actually wear accessories which will give a fresh look. Stunning clips and rings are the most preferred accessories which would boost up your makeover. You can also wear matching hair accessories with your accessories for neck, ears and hands.


Put in various colours to your boring box braids; it will do wonders to your look. Streak some highlights along quarter of your braids to get a notable look. If you’re disappointed with just highlights, then apply different funky colours to your box braids. Get bolder with your bold hairstyle; try out violet shade to get an intense look. If you are not looking for a bold shade, give a try for burgundy or any other shade that will not be obvious. On the other hand, the simple raven black colour box braids too can make a stunning impression in spite of keeping it natural. You should feel free to get right amount of black colour on your head with the help of hair dye.


While others have thick box braid, you too can make your braids look thicker and denser with extensions. Opt the right extension and fix it properly as it can damage your locks. Now, even you have joined the thick locks club and let others envy the voluminous of your hair.


If compulsory thin box braids doesn’t please you, then just play with your hair, turn it into a thick box braids. We are quite sure that you will look remarkable as well as you can stand out of the crowd. Just a thick box braid doesn’t seem interesting; then you should try out cornrow thick box braid. This particular hairdo is such a tasteful as well as effortless to control hairdo. Thicker box braids will actually protect your hair from chemicals as you might forget to wash your hair with such a safe hairstyle.


Just pour in all your mind’s eye and produce such a dramatic hairdo as you don’t have any limit. You can solely turn your box braids into different types of bun and ponytails. Make use of bows, it will give a feminine touch to your tresses.


Now, we are done with our work, and your work starts from here. Keep in mind; you should be leaving to your hairdresser to dig up your own box braids. Surely, you will be the focal point in your next public gathering with a spectacular look.

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