Side Puff Hairstyles For Women



When it comes to women and fashion, both are inseparable and from latest trends hairstyles to fashionable things, they want it all. Likewise, puff hairstyle is one of the mainstream fashion trendy hairstyle. The hair puff is back with a bang, with another style of side puff hairstyle.


This side puff hairstyle is the trending hairdo especially between Hollywood and Bollywood. Wearing the puff at the side, by making the puff small or large, depends on your mood and the length of your hair. In addition, this side puff also may combine with messy look, braids, ponytails or bun as well.


To recreate this side puff, gather all your hair and select a portion where you want the side puff. Push the selected portion towards your preferred side and, tease the back part of the sectioned hair with brisk motion.


Then, do roll and twist the section in order to secure it and to have a proper shape. Finally, get hold of the whole section, push it upwards or outwards, and seal it with some bobby pins. However, the higher you push, the higher the puff will be and the more outwards make the puff wider.


The side puff is very simple and offers you a sense of elegance style. By doing this way, the style gives you a sophisticated look. Moreover, when you have long grown out bangs and do not know what to do with that, you can go for this side puff hairstyle.


To the remaining hair, try leaving them to hang free and fall off with the actual length. This simple loose hair look, best suits the side puff. But in case, if you want to get rid of this ordinary loose hair look then you can look for combining various styles with the side puff.


Side puff with curly ponytail, offers you an everyday look and suitable for any workplace environment. Give your hair some curls, if your hair is straight so that the curls will give you a bouncy look.


For any wedding occasions, you can make the side with a lower bun style. Along with it, leave some strands to fall off over the face that offers you a classy look.


If you are a lover for fishtail braids, you can mix the side puff with the style. The slightly puffed up side front with fishtail at the back and, with some messy look by letting some strands loose, can do all the beauty to the overall style.


You can even go for sided fishtail braids, make sure the fishtail is on the other side to the puff.


Another great option with side puff is that it offers braided side puff style also. Make loose side braids and push it outwards, then secure them with some bobby pins. That is all you are ready for the day with this beautiful hairstyle.


Only thing to keep in mind about this side puff style is how much teasing you give it your hair and the height you make. Both define the overall style and look. Even, with curly textured hair you can try the side puff style.

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