Side Part Fade For Men



Haircuts are one such thing that gives you a way to look new and to get a changeover. Most men prefer going with side part hairstyle as it is the perfect style for formal occasions. The recent trend is the combination of side part, with the fade one.


The very famous two stars, Brad Pitt in Fury and Zayn Malik in his video for ‘Pillowtalk’, make their choice as the side part faded hairstyle that is offering both the looks of smoother and so sleek.


Actually, the fade is just a form of tapering your hair, but the hair cut usually lower than the regular tapering. This meant to ‘fade’ form short to long over the sides and back of your head. Moreover, not all fades are equal and there are varieties of unique fades nearly available.


Secondly, the most effective short style is the side-parted haircut that offers both sexy and formal look. This short side-parted style goes well with the fade haircuts, making it look more stylish ever. Nevertheless, many actors and celebrities are likely to have this perfect combination haircut these days to flaunt.


Like all kind of hairstyles, you have many choices of fade haircuts to incorporate with the side-parted styles. When it comes to low-fade, it is a suitable style for men with oblong, diamond or triangular head shape whereas the mid fade is good way to create a skin-hair blend line. This style is for all ages and great with a beard look.


Nevertheless, the side part haircut goes well with the mid fade look, which will be a modern and classic addition to the side part haircut. The enough length on the top keeps the hair falling from and touch of some product, will give you enhanced look to this style.


As the mid fades usually drops an arc down behind the ears instead of straight line. Making the side part the more stylish and ends up by emphasizing the hair on the top.


The low fade along with the side part needs a great effort and perfect styling way to make it look better. Because, the low fade also have prominent hair on the sides as well and the side part should be very clear.


The high fade is not that much suitable for the side part style, as it looks like a clean-shaved sides.




If you are confused in what way to style the top hair, then the pompadour and comb over style offers a heavy top to keep the more apt look. With the very short scalp look on the sides due to the fade, these heavy top hairstyles match the overall appearance.


Make sure to have a prominent sideline separating the fade sides with the high top hairstyle. This line is a must for the side part fade hairstyle, as it keeps the entire style a right look for you and gradually making the fade sides blend with your beard style.


Finally, this side-part fade hairstyle is for all those who do not have time to style their hair in a busy routine schedule and requires only less effort to maintain the style.

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