Side Hairstyles For Women



Nowadays, not only men prefer going with side part hairstyles, as women also starts loving this style as well. Because, the long straight tresses in a side swept style makes women look sexy and gorgeous than ever.


Moreover, the side swept hairstyles is a perfect look for formal occasions. From vintage styles to modern look, there are infinite ways to side style the hair of all types.


The first look will be the popular star ‘Emma Watson’s’ cute long sleek hairstyle. Her long blonde hair with slightly wavy style from the midways is a good one, which is side-parted. However, the thing is that her side part line is not straight and did not use any comb/brush to style it.


This side partition style made using the fingers is the reason for the cute stylish look. This hairstyle is for great occasions like prom, holidays etc.


Inspired from the ‘Ashley Greene’ next look is wearing the subtly waved hair into the side-parted one. Her look is preferable for those having long dark colored locks, who want to minimize the length and balance it.


The left side-parted style along with the bangs goes well with any long face shapes.


Big waves offer a sense of elegance style, when it is side-parted. You can witness this classic hairstyle in the star ‘Minka Kelly’ to a red carpet event, where she made big waves from the midways. She kept her top hair straight sleek and let the major side-swept hair with waves to show off in the front.


Keeping the other side of the hair at the back and, making the big waves to cover a part of the face, looks great for a romantic dating. It will look even greater with an addition of simple hair accessory.


The next coming style is perfect for the winter, from the look of ‘Jessica Alba’. She wore the medium length sleek hair in a stylish way where the side part is not prominent, as she swept most of the major hair into one side to get a sassy finish.


Along with the side-swept bangs and letting the medium-length, hair to fall off on both sides is easy style to recreate.


The most popular celebrity side-part hairstyle is the ‘Salena Gomez’ dark black hair with vibrant blue strands at the ends. The medium length dark hair reaching the shoulder line, along with the thick bangs side-swept in a very low way covering one part of the face.


The streak of vibrant blue and violet shade at the ends of the sleek straight hair is the great idea of this overall hairstyle.


The last and the best side hairstyle is the vintage look, where long and thick glossy curls at the sides actually adds volume and dimension to the style. You can wear this wavy side part hairstyle for any formal occasions and the honey hue is the perfect color accent for this vintage look.


Jessica Chastain wore her hair in this gorgeous curly style with shine and polished finish, which make her look beautiful.

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