Side Haircut For Men



Side part haircuts is perhaps the most classic hairstyle for men.  This style has been trending since time immemorial. Not only does this make a man look cool and sophisticated but a style such as this doesn’t require a great deal of effort to create or manage. As a matter of fact, it can be done by simply combing damp hair into a side part. The celebrities love this look too and this look has been sported by the Social Network actor, Justin Timberlake.




But there is more to the side parted hair than the classic comb-over. There is also the medium part hairstyle. This style is chiefly for the men with medium length hair. This style can be adopted to give the hair some volume and structure as well. The side part is also suitable for men with curly or even wavy hair. The medium part lends such hair types a structure and a texture that makes it easily wearable.




The side part undercut is another great style to go for. In this style, the part is first defined on one side and then the hair is combed to the other side. But if a guy wants to go for something that is a bit far from the mundane, then a curved side part and a fringe should do the trick. This very modern look combines a side part with a curly fringe. The finished product is quite funky to behold.




Side parts however, can even be used to make spikes look classy. A bit of texture and a side part to the oh so casual spikes gives the hipster look a totally new character altogether. Then, there is the side part with the mid fade look. This style shows how versatile side parts can be. This look combines a comb over that is high on volume and a mid-fade to top it off. This hairstyle adds some attitude to a man’s overall look.




Well, side parts work well with just about any hairstyle out there. It works beautifully even with a high fade. This cut gives a man’s hair a lot of volume on the top while the sides and the back are faded out. This is regarded as a modern day take on the classic side part hairstyle. Side parts also work well with an undercut hairstyle and one can slick back the hair and can add a side part for a classier look.




So, side parts are surprisingly quite versatile. It works well with short haircuts as well as both wavy and curly hair. The best thing about side parts is its subtlety and its level of adaptability. The side part fits in just about anywhere. It goes well with both spikes and high fades. And then on its own it is an eternally classy look. It is the adaptability of the side part that has made it so endearing over the years. It has been like this silent performer that has quietly done enough to stay on top. And, in the near future, it will stay there.

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