Side Fishtail Braid For Women



The fishtail braid is often referred to as the sister of the French braid.  This is one of the most popular hairstyles in the business and is a uniquely classy way for a girl to do up her hair. This hairdo might seem a tad complicated to begin with but it is not that hard to pull off. It has quite a few variations with the side fishtail braid being one of them. Then, again, the side fishtail braid has quite a few variations of its own.




If one is planning to make a stylish entry at any big-ticket event, then a feathered fishtail is a great look to go for. This messy feathered look is very glamorous at the same time. Its sure to drive all the shutterbugs crazy. One can also go for the braided fishtail crown. This look comprises of a crown, the design of which is reminiscent of the Victorian era hairstyles, and lots of loose strands to give the overall look a bit of a casual touch.




A girl with shiny voluminous hair can also go for the boxed fishtail ponytail. This elegantly classy fishtail can be worn in a low, mid or high ponytail. But if a girl wants to look even more sophisticated, then she can even go for a sleek bun. But if a girl wants to combine bangs with a side fishtail, then one can go for a middle parted double side fishtail but one that is combined with locks and bangs.




Now, if a girl wants to create a few ripples with her ide fishtail, then ne can add loose waves to a side fishtail and top it off with a braided headband. And, even though this style looks great on the blondes, this hairdo can be done up in an array of colours.




But if a girl isn’t scared of a bit of experimentation and is willing to go that extra mile to stand out from the crowd, then she can go for the twisted fishtail Mohawk. In this style, in addition to the side fishtail, the front part of the hair is curled and pinned to form a mushroom type design. One can also go for the very chic, ponytail with a fishtail braid thrown in the mix.




But if all this is too subtle, then a vibrant red side fishtail braid can be one very cool yet wackily different look to go for. One can also throw in a bit of a wavy texture and together with the vivid red hue, this look is sure to turn heads like mad. But if a girl is in the mood for a crazy texture rather than the hair colour, then a zigzag side fishtail is the look to opt for.




So, girls can have a lot of fun with side fishtails on its own. She can work this hairdo to make themselves look classy, sophisticated or funky and outrageous as well. It is this inherent versatility of the fish tails that endears them to so many ladies around the world!

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