Side Bun Hairstyles



With any length of hair types, you will get the best style and graceful look by going with side-swept hairstyles. The low messy side bun is one of the great ways to flatter your face features. Even many celebrities have chosen this side bun style for the red carpet event.


The side bun should be mostly curly/wavy texture, than the sleek straight texture. Moreover, this style is perfect for the night out or to any occasions. To style this hairstyle, first curl the hair into loose curls completely.


Gather all the curled hair at one side of the hair, where you usually prefer to place it and tie it into a loose ponytail. From the ponytails, take small sections and backcomb it to create a much volume look. In the same way, bunch up each pieces of teased hair and pin them in place.


Continue the bunch up process until it looks as a balanced bun. If you have a bangs cut already, twist them and pin along it with the side messy bun. The bangs add a touch to the messy bun and make it look fabulous. These steps are to create the normal and traditional side bun, with which you can turn them into different style, as more options are available.


The first most used style is the twisted up side bun, where you can make twists under the side bun or twists them up as well. To make the front view look more attractive, keep the crown as a bit of height and add a single braid to accentuate the bun style.


As for most of the styles, the braid look goes well with the side bun. In the same way, the braid at the crown plus a bouffant is good for shorter locks. With this style, add a side-swept bang that is to pin behind the braid. The bang look followed by the braid is an eye-catching style.


Another version of the braided side bun style is the combination of French braid with the side bun updo. Start making thick French braids from the opposite side of the bun that actually runs throughout the head and wrap them around the side bun.


More than the tight bun style, the loose bun is one of the arguably popular side updo hairstyle. The tousled light brown locks styled into a loose bun look weightless and spontaneous as well. Maintain the messy texture, by incorporating thin texture strands stray in place.






If you do not want maintain the messy look all over the style, then try a different look of loose curls to the side bun alone. Keep the top sleek straight sweeping it sideways, while creating the side bun with loose curls. For this style, a super dark ombre with caramel ends gives you a stark color contrast style.


To this messy texture side bun, a lovely embellished hair accessory at the base of the bun gives you a touch of sparkle.


Even though, the sleek buns are classics that are perfect for formal events. The messy side buns have become the most favorite choices of many.

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