Shoulder Length Updo Hairstyles For Women



Shoulder length medium hair, have its own rewards and negativities at the same time. Around the start of summer days, updo hairstyles are an urgent need to keep the locks off the face and organized.


With shoulder length grazing hair, you can afford plenty of gorgeous updos that can reach new heights with these beautiful, elegant and even plain updos. Moreover, these updo will not ever give out your actual length.


Depending upon the occasions, you can choose the updo style that best suits the place. Mostly updo styles are buns, simple knots or French knots and, braided styles. You can combine these styles, as you want.


Whenever you search for updo looks, bun styles stand first amongst everything. Because, it is the easiest updo you can do yourself. With medium length hair, the bun updo will eventually looks better and add body to the style by backcombing it and, virtually enlarging the size.


However, you can go for either low bun or high bun styles that are merely your choice. Only thing to keep in mind about is the textures of your hair, if you have sleek straight hair then go for low bun with side partition. As it can flatters your face and enhances the overall look.


When you have wavy or curly texture, then try messy high bun that offers you a chic and casual style. This also gives a carefree look and great for any party or night out. Sometimes, you can combine braids on the top with the bun style, which could add more stylish look to the bun.


Knot styles are rather loose and messy. By simply teasing your hair at the roots, provide a small lift around your face. With which you can make them into low or high ‘imperfect’ knots. Once it is ready, pull out some strands to make loops. However, do not forget that deliberately messy styles are currently in trend.


Next comes the bouffant updo, which is similar to bun style but not exactly the way that bun looks. The strands by which the low bun has formed by incorporating few framing pieces, is the uniqueness of this style. In addition, you can use fringes with shaggy layered styles for perfect styling.


This bouffant updo is more suitable for thin hair textures and with light hair color shades. Because, you can see the scalp peeking through the thin texture and therefore, making some height through the crown with big bouffant can help you to reduce the scalp peek problem.


Coming to the braid styles, they are very welcome updo in the modern trend. Mostly it is rare to see an updo without a braid touch in it, because it complements the other hairstyles as well. From chunky braids to tight thin braid, all styles are equally popular.


For more braided look, you can go for bold braided updo that adds visual interest to the overall look. Halo fishtail braid updo, is a stunning version of braided updo that rest on the base of the fishtail. This halo braid is so perfect and they look casual with the sleek texture hair.

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