Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Men

As the trend changes each year in hairstyle industry, the recent popular style is with the medium length hair types. Even though, men are used to the short haircuts, the final look of the medium length hairstyles give even more freedom looks and different snazzy styles.

The shoulder length hairstyle have become common now and works best with the natural textures, which flatters not less than the short hair look. These hairstyles differ in mannered styles like layered, twisted and tucked behind the ears.

Starting from the long luscious locks reaching below the shoulder line, the first simple style is to tuck the hair behind the ears by making it fall on both sides of the shoulder and the back. Along with the clear moustache and full beard style, this style will make you look like a better person.

You can witness this style in one of the super celebrity actor ‘Christian Bale’. In addition, this style requires little maintenance thoroughly.

The second style of the long locks is the wheat blonde colored hair, which you should let it to fall off naturally. The hair color looks cool and requires a little effort to come up with this super cool style.

If you have natural wavy texture, style it into a chin-length hair type. Start by sectioning the hair into two and make one section to fall on one side whereby tucking the other side behind the ear. Add a right touch of wet look to this wavy style to stay groomed.

To incorporate some wavy style to the straight long hair, then the first popular choice will be the racy waves. The rough waves have a manly character and styled to fall on the shoulders at the front side like to cover one eye. This good style looks great with rounded face men.

The beach wave style is another alternative hairstyle, which is mainly associated with vacations. This is also a formal style where allowing the waves to fall backwards covering the ears in a tidy way look. This style looks best with natural hair texture.

Perm curl is one of the best curly hairstyle that follows a specific pattern. This hairstyle covers both the ears completely and looks better with clean shaved beard. More than any color, the black hair is most suitable for this kind of perm curls. The only point is to keep it moisturizer and maintain the style neatly.

For wet looks, the surfer hairstyle and the breezy sun kissed hairstyle are the best ways. Allow the hair to fall off on both shoulders and cover a small section of the face. Accentuate this long wet hairstyle with perfect clean shave look.

With no waves and twists, the sleek hair falling downwards in a straight manner on both the sides of the shoulder in the back. This ultra shiny layer on the upper side adds beauty to the overall style. Along with the very little trimmed beard style, the sleek long hair looks good.

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