Shoulder Length Dreadlocks For Black Women



The dreadlock hairstyle as inspired by the Rastafarian culture is one of the most outrageous ways in which girls can possibly design their hair. This hairdo has been known for receiving mixed responses especially when worn by the celebs at the big ticket events. As far as some people are concerned, this style is not proper enough to even count itself as a serious hairdo. But love it or  hate it, this  style of doing up one’s hair certainly can’t be ignored. Dreads not only go with the long hairdos but also on shoulder length hair too.




Since dreadlocks are all about the over the top styles, a lady can always go for an intricately woven dreadlock hair that is finished off in a shoulder length ponytail. Girls can also style their shoulder length dreads individually with wraps, braids and beads.




Colour is  always a great way to light up the whole dreadlock look. One can go for shoulder length dreadlocks with electric blue roots that gradually give way to hair that is pink. This two tone look is sure to turn heads and make girls stand out from the mundane. However, girls can also go for cornrows on the front and a small messy bun of dreadlocks on the back that reach till the shoulders.




However, if dreadlocks alone are not quirky enough, then girls can combine an undercut with the dreadlocks hairdo. For girls with shoulder length hair, this look can be achieved by going for a side braid dreadlock  and an undercut that is quite pronounced as only the top part of the head is covered with hair. If pulled off right, this hairdo looks quite neat and has that punk vibe.




Ladies looking for a bit of tradition in their dreadlock style can go for a hairdo that is a combination of a braid and thick dreadlocks. With the dreadlocks thrown over the front of the shoulders, this look is actually quite classy. A half updo with dreadlocks till the shoulders also look quite cool. Some electric blue highlights just amplifies the oomph factor.




One can also go for side swept dreadlocks. Another hairdo that also looks quite cool with the shoulder length dreads coloured a shade of bright electric blue. However, the girls can just take the whole colouring thing to a different level by going for synthetic dreadlocks that are colored a shade of bright pink. One can also go for brown dreadlocks on dark hair and the resulting contrast will be quite eye-catching.




Girls can also go for funky pastel dreadlocks with silky straight bangs. They can also go for ombre locks on medium length hair. Both of  these looks are quite different and are sure to grab attention.




These are some of the best shoulder length dreadlocks that the girls can go for. These looks manage to combine quirkiness with coolness and is sure to make all those punk lovers look very groovy indeed. None of these hairdos are too difficult to get and girls can also go for a dash of colour without having to worry about its side-effects.

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