Shoulder Length Black Hairstyles



Black women are known for their unique hairstyles with the fantabulous and splendid combination of braids and open kinky curls. They mostly prefer long and short hairstyles however there are some women have their love for medium hair and their styling.


Black women having shoulder length hair always prefer for wonderful open ups. Bobs look ultimate and throwing on black women with their beautiful ad glossy strands with varying colors. Bob takes a splendid appeal on their scalp with their volume full hair. Women with volume less hair prefers for a deep cut bob which throws an extraordinary and extravagant make- over.


They look seemingly classy on black women when it gets associated with side bangs or micro bangs. Bob is one of the fantasying and dashing shoulder length hairstyles for women. The significant factor about bob hair styles is that it projects the hair rich with its volume and its layers that starts from the end of the scalp adds more advantage to the fact that the lady carries her possession with a pride.


Blacks’ love for braids is overwhelming for its extravagant look and perfection giving a carefree feel. Braids generates and improves our imaginativeness with its different techniques on various do’s and don’ts which in fact allow us to be relaxed and concentrate on other works and always leaves our head unique standing out in the crowd.


Individual braids are more popular in modern days where in these bobs and other medium hairstyles gets their strands ultimately and minutely braided. African Braids are known for its versatility and creative factor as the culture of braids are being vanished in some countries. A simple three partitioned braids in plenty on a shoulder length hair makes the look splendid and stunning. Some braided bobs also take its partition for either side or middle.


Braids are freaky, glamorous, tom boyish, funny, creative and it was changing with time and people which suits the recent trends. On the set out, African braids are the beautiful braids and it is being nurtured and their culture is being conserved since years.


Women love crochet twists which made onto natural hair. Crochet twists are conventional braids in which the one’s natural scalp hair is twisted and taken up to cornrows and then an artificial synthetic hair will be attached to it by means crochet hooks. But women preferring to have shoulder length hairstyle will go for crochet twists without the latch hook and extra hair attached. The twists and twirls are one of the unique and distinct factors protruding the scalp tremendously dashing.


Coming to braids Box braids has its unique place among the braiding styles which is originated from Africa. Box braids are those braids those which has number of boxes and cubes visible on the scalp. These numerous of boxes are then partitioned into side or middle and sometimes a big bun of braids can also be made having the make- over a stunning one. These box braids can also be further taken up a half way done with a simple clutch leaving the hair to shoulder length.

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