Short Wavy Bob Haircut For Women



Like, the long wavy bob hairstyle there is the short wavy bob hairstyle.  The short wavy bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for the women with short hair. This look is very popular amongst the celebrities too. The short wavy bob shows that despite the short hair length and consequently the lesser volume, the hair can still be styled in many ways.




One can start off with a short wavy bob with a parting in the middle. The overall look has a very edgy appearance. But if a girl finds this look too bland, then she can opt for a messy bob with a parting on the side. This look is very charismatic and very trendy.




One can also go for a wet bob look. This style imparts an air of sensuality and with a side part and tousled ends, the look is casually very alluring. Victoria Beckham also likes her bob hairstyles and she showed the girls exactly how to do it with her messily styled wavy bob. Actress Rachael McAdams also rocked the look with her short wavy blonde bob.




Not too far behind was Kate Hudson. If a girl is aiming to go for beachy waves, then they should take a leaf out of her styling book. Hudson looked positively radiant in her short bob with its choppy layers. This messy look also has a fan in Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke. Emilia’s look though is sleeker than Hudson’s with a confident middle parting and tousled on the sides. It is these subtle variations that make the bobs so popular.




At the tv premiere for Fargo, actress Kirsten Dunst opted for a side-parted bob with soft waves on the sides. This side-parted look is minimalistic and is a charming look for a short-haired girl.  But, perhaps no one excelled more than Rachael Weisz in pulling off the short wavy look. She went for a centre parting like Emilia’s but also added soft bouncy waves to the look. An effortlessly alluring look.




A girl can also opt to add some colour to her wavy bob like actress, Sienna Miller who looked stunning in a messy strawberry blonde hairdo.  But if that is a bit too experimental then, one can go for shaggy waves like the Amazing Spiderman actress, Emma Stone. This look is just perfect for a warm summer’s day. A girl can also add a fringe to her messy wavy look like Guardians of the Galaxy actress Ophelia Lovibond. This look if pulled off properly is just wow! And, if one is feeling a bit casual, then a relaxed wavy bob like Cate Blanchett’s would look just fine.




These are a few of the ways in which a girl can really turn on the style with her messy bob cut. The styles are not too difficult to achieve and the overall effects range from charming to stunning while touching on sensuous most of the time. Like long wavy bob, its shorter incarnation is a killer fashion statement and one whose popularity never seems to wane.

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