Short Natural Hair For Women



Short hair for women by nature is the most comfortable as there is no need for any trimmings and maintenance however they prefer some styling to have a distinct and splendid appeal. Short hairstyles are a fantastic reason for comfy and cozy feel for a woman.


Short and wise bob will be smarter for those girls who are curly headed or who has fewer curls naturally. It gives a overbold makeover. Side shaved bob hairstyle will also be flippant and gives a funky look more of a tomboy. The hair color can be entirely black, brown, blonde, grey, dramatically purple, bold red, depending on the skin color of the person and the style of the bob.


Bantu knots are the coolest and more extravagant short hairstyles for woman. Bantu knots were creative which perfectly suits the texture of African hair which is roughly curly and remains consistent across various African groups. Bantu knots are one of the popular short hairstyles of 2017 for woman with natural short hair.


Bantus need not be tiny and plenty in numbers on the scalp. It can also be blunt and big wherein the scalp holds totally six to seven bantus in total. For pixie haircuts the bantus will not have its twist and twirls where the partitions of strands will be tied up to bring small tiny ponytails here in there on the scalp which protrudes the one who is bored of their short pixie to have different make- over.


Brush cuts are those pixie and short makeover of style for both men and women. With one’s busy schedule and with an intention to look great with the hairdos can opt for a brush cut. This is one such awesome and scantling cuts for one’s neat look which goes fantabulous and manly for a casual and professional look.


Women with natural short hair can go for brother locks which make one’s scalp unique and fantasying with the locks laid around. Brother- locks have its originality since the timeworn age which was practiced by men and women in Jamaica. They are always creaky and fossil kind as its appearance are messy which took longtime for giving its way for fashion. Locks are made by picking the couple of strands and twisting and twirling them with little and minute braids to get locked. Nowadays they are being supported by branded hair gel and other brand new products as well.


The best option for women with natural short hair is the side shaved hairstyles. Side shaved hairstyles for women are an excellent make- over giving a tomboyish make- over for women allowing them to concentrate their work well. These haircuts for women are the eloquently indicative way of having a younger looking make-over. These haircuts vary in its peculiarity and style having distinct and unique techniques for different make- overs.


Line up with buzz cut with high faded shave one’s head looks unique and rusty in a crowd. Long side swept hair with undercut looks splendid for women having long straight hair carrying their passion for long front falling hair.

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