Short Mohawk For Women



To get an edgy look with short haircut, then Mohawk is the perfect hairstyles. With short hair, the Mohawk option offers you a confidence that is incredibly pulling off by this style. Moreover, this style is cool, current and in vogue.


Even though, the style originated for men hair styling, it has become the favorite style for women now. Generally, it suggests shaving the sides of your head and leaving a strip of hair on the top, which is running from the centre of your forehead to the back.


However, the original version of Mohawk has not used so widely. Especially women adopted other genius types of Fauxhawk versions that are styled with shorter haircut. In addition, this style offers versatility and styling options.


The messy and curly Mohawk stands first in this style. You can look for celebrity ‘Rihanna’ short Mohawk style, where the curly hair at the forefront of edgy style and she has been a fashion article ever since. The perfect mix of edgy and glamour that features, big curls and shaved tapered sides are the best.


With short haircut, Mohawk style with spikes looks soft and approachable. The ultra chic style combines well with spiked hair and this lift comes from the cut more than the gel or spray, allowing your Mohawk style more touchable.


You can even create subtle Mohawk with short hair, which will create a new overall look. By separating, a top portion of the hair in the centre and go for either twisting or braiding the sides along the parts. Brush back the top section and use some product to hold in place. This Fauxhawk is easy to style and yet, it offers you a mainstream look.


Today’s Mohawk styles are much cooler than the severe, stiffly spiked styles. Long and messy style is a fun and a new way to update the classic Mohawk concept.


When you have short Mohawk style, you can use a little bit of hair product that offers a serious look that will last all day. Even color your tips to add some ‘pop’ effect to your final look.


The top Fauxhawk texture depends upon your choice of, how you want to look it or sometimes depending on your natural hair texture. From sleek straight top to curls and wavy texture, the Fauxhawk suits every look and style.


Not all the time, you need to shave the sides of the head. You can go for either tapered sides or low faded sides that are easy to achieve and offers you a modern lovely look. When you want to feel the adventurous and bold look, you can try high fade at the sides.


Even undercut option with some styling pattern can make all the benefits to your overall bold look.


Above all, the Mohawk style is pretty and a universal style, meaning you can look bold and even aggressive. While some versions of Mohawk styles, offers feminine and sexy look. Therefore, for you it is also better to create prominent sidelines that flatter the face shapes.

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