Short Layered Hairstyle For Women



Short hairstyles are the flavour of the season. The short hairdos are not only very functional as they are easier to manage but also helps to keep the girls cool on the hot summer days. But, at the same time, girls can look very stylish and sophisticated when they choose the right style. And a short hairstyle doesn’t necessarily mean that the options are limited. On the contrary, girls are spoilt for choice when it comes to short layered haircuts.




One can go for a soft bob cut with sharp well textured layers. This cut is very stylish and lends a very classy touch to a girl’s overall look. But if a girl is seeking a messier yet sophisticated look, then a short asymmetrical crop hairdo is the perfect textured short hairstyle to go for.




One can also go for the inverted bob haircut which is another short messy cut. But then again, like most short hairdos, this look too is quite stylish but in a more understated kind of way. But, if a girl wants her hair to have some bangs, then a short crop cut with some sexy bangs is the perfect look. This look also incorporates a very stylish y layered front.




Now, if girls think that it is next to impossible to go for a look that is totally outrageous and unique with a short-layered haircut, then they should think again. If hair colouring isn’t a problem, then they can go for a short wavy coat, finished in a scintillating shade of silver. This mind-blowing look is sure to make heads turn from the get-go.




However, if a girl loves tradition, then the evergreen pixie cut is one of the sexiest short layered haircuts out there. Moreover, the number of variations of this style are endless. One can go for the trendy and sensuous flared out pixie cut which has flipped up layers. One can also go for the stacked and layered pixie bob with some long bangs at the front.


Another great pixie cut is the one on dark hair with layers. This look which is simple yet very stylish incorporates a side part and forehead skimming bangs. One can also go for the all-time favourite classic pixie look which has a classy choppy texture.


But if a girl wants to go for something that is adventurous, then highlights on a short-layered hairstyle are another cool variation. One can go for sandy highlights on a short hairstyle that has a messy texture with some curls and waves thrown in for good measure. However, if a girl wishes to push the boundaries of style a bit more, then a short choppy pixie cut in a shade of vivid purple is sure to be an eye-catching look.




These styles just prove that girls can have fun with even short textured hair. And, these are a few of the best styles out of a plethora of short layered hairdos that a girl can go for. But, the options are plentiful and the range is just awesome!

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