Are you someone who has thick and short hair and are you not sure which hairstyle to wear? There are too many styles in the market today and we don’t blame you if you’re not sure what suits your hair type.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In this article we will cover one hairstyle in particular which will be such a boon for your hair type in particular and that is the short layered bob haircut.

If you are someone who has thick and luscious hair, then you are in luck. Thick hair is a lot more versatile than thin hair and can be styled way more elegantly when it comes to the layered bob haircut. Of course, the style also depends a lot and varies based on what shape your face is and how long your hair is.

What is the layered bob haircut?

The layered bob haircut combines two awesome styles namely the bob haircut and the layered haircut, providing the best of both the worlds. It lets you keep the shortness and ease of the bob haircut while at the same time providing the volume and style quotient that comes along with the layered haircut

There are different styles and combinations to both the bob and the layered haircut by itself. So it is but obvious that combining the two will provide you more permutations and combinations than one can handle. So today we are focused on one such type of layered bob haircut that is the short layered bob haircut. We are limiting the styles in this post to the shorter ones only.

The short layered bob haircut presents you with ample of room to experiment. From trying out different hair colors that go great with the layered haircut to trying a combination like ombre and everything in between, playing with colors is very possible and recommended with the layered bob haircut.

Not only colors but you are also free to try some styling ideas like an one-sided bob, spikey ended bob, parted bob haircut, bob with bangs, A-line bob cut, nape undercuts and many more styles to pair with your short layered bob haircut.

You’re also free to play with different textures right from super messy straight hair to tousled curls to dead straight bob haircuts. The amount of options you have to style are too many and picking one can be a bit overwhelming. So to avoid that, we’ve attached a bunch of different styles in this post to help you. These are some of the best and most versatile style out there. We hope you pick up some fantastic inspiration for your next trip to the salon and that the list is helpful to you. 

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