Short Hairstyles For Indian Women



Most of the gorgeous looking women in the world are Indian women’s, because their styles, grace and fashion all exude a sense of royalty. They always search for exquisite hairstyles that are either long or short length types.


Nowadays, these Indian women choose short hairstyles more than the long length hair types. The versatility, less time to style and low maintenance is what makes them look for short hairstyles.


The recent and most popular short hairstyles are the traditional bob and pixie style, which are really rocking and looks great with saree as well.


First thing to keep in mind, when you go for short haircut is to incorporate it with either shaggy layers or cropped cuts. These stack layers can be either sleek or curly, depending on how you want it to look.


These layered styles offer you the best feel and give an enhanced look to any short hairstyles. Moreover, along with bangs these two styles offer a sense of dignity.


Micro bangs or side-swept bangs give you a very neat look to the short haircuts. Both western and traditional outfits can go well the short bang haircuts making you simply look gorgeous.


Fully feathered bob style, is a great protective style and it does not take much time for styling. This whispy bob, flatters all face shapes and the feathery layers on the side swept style really flaunts everyone around you.


For an out of box style, you can go for this short blunt bob style as it offers a new change over from the traditional one. The simply blunt end texture to the ends and by incorporating some color with various dimensions to blunt bob cut is suitable for woman with all face shapes and hair types.


Another short hair look is the pixie cut hair, which will draw serious attention to your face and for instance, it will make you look flattering with delicate features and big eyes.


Pixie cut with messy layers, and styling it backwards is a great way to look and rock any night out party or sometimes rely on texturizing product for well-balanced styling. Layered pixie cuts goes well with bangs and looks great on thick hair. You can even find more ideas of pixie short haircuts.




More than the bob style, the pixie cut gets an adorable look with any longer style of bangs. The longer bangs offer an instantly sassy and classy look as well.


The asymmetrical textured bang that hits the ear line and the tapered close look at the back is a perfect look for any pixie hair types. It also adds volume and gives a look of thicker texture to the thin layers.


Other than these two styles, there are infinite short hairstyles that you can look from many Indian women celebrities and social activists. For examples like ‘Indra Nooyi’s’ simple messy bob style, ‘Kirthiga Reddy’s’ short cultivated bob look and ‘Malika Sarabhai’s’ quite short hairstyle reaching the nape of the neck etc are some styles offering a graceful and sophisticated look.

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