Short Hairstyles For Indian Men



Recently, Indian men have started taking care of the fashion trends seriously. As the fashion, revolves around the edges of clothes worn and, definitely the hairstyles as well. The short haircuts and styling them in a different way has gained popularity amongst the Indian men.


As long hairstyles needs a lot of care, the short hairstyles can be a perfect way to look cool and takes only less time to style. Some of the most popular short hairstyles makes you stay unique and offers an attractive look.


For achieving classy looks, allow the hair to stay equal throughout the head and let some extra hair only in the front, which you should comb sideways. This haircut is one of the best styles and works fabulous for businesspersons.


Fade is one of the best styles that blend well with the short haircuts. For those who do not have time to style their hair, the fades will be a great choice. You can go for any options of low or high fade styles, depending upon how you want the sides to look.


With the fade haircuts, the pompadour and comb over style offers a heavy top to keep the more apt look. These two styles are suitable for round and long face shaped men, which looks great with shaved sides.


The most effective short style is the side-parted haircut that offers both sexy and formal look. Along with dense beard style, the side-parted haircuts look the best. Most actors and celebrities are likely to have this haircut these days.


As like the fade style, the heavy top styled hair goes well with the side parts. You can even combine undercut style to the side parted hair, leaving the side top layer with some hair and giving undercut style around the edges. With the undercut style, you will get the best edgy modern look to the side-parted haircut.


When it comes to styling the short haircuts, the spikes style adds a slight touch up to the overall look. For this, make spikes by pulling hair towards the centre from the back and sides. Keeping the side strands short and spiky strands on the front hair inevitably; the overall style is so good.






If you want the spikes to stay straight, try going with very short sides and scattered thin strands of spike of 3 inches long in the front. The prominent straight strands mix well with the shorter sides and make your face look elongated.


Instead of going with the spikes style, the brush cut will be a better alternative look. This hairstyle features very sharp sides and brush like hair on the top, where slightly tilted texture given to the upper hairs. The clean shaved beard look adds enhancement to the brush cut style.


To the natural wavy thick hair textures, the brown back hairstyle makes it look stunning. Keeping the sides with very less hair like almost empty and the thick dense wavy hair on the top looks synchronized. The prominent line separating the top and the sides, make it look distinguished and this haircut works great with oiled hair.

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