Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair Women




Curly hair is one of the lovely hairstyle offering a great style than the sleek hair texture, but the only concern is the slightly difficult way in styling it. To get rid of the difficulty, the short len gth hair type looks simply astonishing with the natural curls.


The basic short haircuts such as pixie and the bob looks perfect with curly hair, as they both offers layering options that are advantageous for the short curls. If you normally have thick curls, lessen the layers normally unless your haircut goes extremely short.


Mostly, larger curls or loose waves of thin strands look very trendy showing off the short cuts with bouncy effects. Moreover, to these layered short cuts the color accents is one of the most chic and popularly trendiest ways to succeed your short curly hair look.


When you prefer going with bob style haircut, choose wisely as sassy bob style with modern cuts and, with right mix of highlights and lowlights. The elongated, angled cut towards the front describes how exactly you want to frame the face.


From the sassy bob, you can easily jump your bob style with the cropped cut options. As the cropped style, gives you a peek-a-boo look to the dark underlying layers of the blonde balayage. Tuck the front long pieces behind your ear to get a voluminous look with natural crimped hair.


If you have blessed natural spiral curls, just keep the front hair bit longer and maintain the top full of volume.  This style of spiral curls can become an expensive magic option to your look.


Pixie haircut is another option for dense curly hair. The dense curly hair on the top with cropped sides and back, can lend you to shine the face features. Because the haircut is short, the curls are amazing way to make the girlhood gorgeous.


With tapered side pixie cut, the short curls are suitable way to get a boyish attitude look. The tapered side gives you a voluminous style on the top and looks super sexy. This is a perfect short hairstyle for most dark skin tone women.


Even with short curly pixie cut, you can give bangs like an elongated tendril to the style. Curly pixie cut with tendrils in the front are a playful touch and this style gives you a slightly bold adventurous look.




Sometimes, quite long pixie cut than the normal pixie style is also possible, where you have to grow up your curls at the top to include some sideburns and neckline. The longer top curls fall downwards and give an appearance of curls everywhere at the pixie cut.


This short curly hairstyle is a great way to achieve a perfect definition of feminine look and allow you to stay ultra-dramatic as well.


If you have, confusion between the curly bob with bangs and pixie cut, choose depending upon the choice of length. When you want to go really- short, choose pixie or else the bob style will be the best as both the styles are super cool.

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