Short Box Braids For Black Women



The short box braid hairstyle which is essentially a chin length haircut has been one of the trendiest hairdos of this season which has been dominated  by short haircuts. This hairdo which is also known as a protective haircut is one of the coolest variations of the short hairdos and has gained quite a lot of popularity. This hairstyle works well with both short and medium hair.




One can start off with a middle parted box braid with the rest of the hair allowed to fall freely on both sides. This hairdo might look a bit casual but is also very hip. But even cooler than a short box braid with a middle parting is one that has a rather dramatic side-swept fringe. With the majority of the hair falling over one shoulder, this look is very classy.




Bob box braids are also very cool. This look goes well with hair of short length and when coloured a shade of purple, this look becomes all the more eye-catching. One can also simply go for a box-braided pony hairstyle. This style is also very classy.




Girls who are looking for a great look with the box braid style can also go for an updo complemented with side-swept bangs. This very sensuous look is sure to make heads turn anywhere.  But if  all that is too cumbersome, then a girl can simply stick to the traditional chin-length short bob box braid. Not  only is this look very easy to pull off but it lends a girl’s style some serious attitude.




But, if a girl finds all these looks too mundane and is not scared of adding a dash of colour to their hairdos, then there is a plethora of colouring options to choose from.  A combination of dark and blonde for example is not only very classy but also doesn’t go too over the top with the whole look.




However if a girl wishes to make a serious statement with her box braids, then she can go for some seriously vibrant single hue options when it comes to colouring the braids. One of these options being a shade of pastel pink. And even more eye-catching than this is a shade of electric blue or even a shade of bright green. Girls can also go the two tone way with blue as they can go for a combination of black and blue shades for a truly unique look.


Shades of purple and bright red would also produce looks that would  make the jaw drop all the way to the floor.




These are thus some of the ways in which the ladies can play around with this look. The short box hairdo is primarily for the African American population at large. 2017 has been a great year for the short hairdos and their ever increasing popularity is further strengthened by the oomph factor of haircuts like the short box braid. And, the impending future looks good for these hairdos as the inherent versatility and quirk classiness of these looks are catching on like wildfire.

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