Short Blunt Bob For Women



Short haircuts have been popular and loved by many, for the past decades. Bob hairstyle, is one amongst them. Even though, the earlier bob style is famous short cut for a period, the modern bob blunt cut style is truly versatile and edgier.


When you want to try something new, you can go for this short blunt bob style as it offers a new change over. Incorporating, color and various dimensions, blunt bob cut can wear by any woman with all face shapes and hair types.


The blunt cut makes your hair, look healthier and thicker. The blunt cuts are mostly straight-line hairstyles, to maintain the accuracy and sleek texture. Moreover, this does not mean that you cannot do wave style with blunt cut bob.


The short bob style is mostly side parted with hair falling off until your neckline, which is blunt at the ends. The sleek straight texture flattens your long face and softens the features. If your hair is thicker and straight naturally, this sleek style suits well.


Asymmetrically side parted bob, angled with perfection and finished off with a side part, which allows the hair to fall off over one eye is the best thing about this haircut. This also creates a polished look with not a hair being fall out of place.


Blunt cut with bangs, is actually an updated version of the cut that was very popular back in 70’s.  A quite amount of hair allowed to fall off naturally in the forehead, with sweeping lines creates smooth geometry and perfection of the silhouette.


You can even go for, sleek pointed bob like the one displayed in the French film ‘Amele’. The pointed high tips in the front than in the back, frames the face beautifully and makes you look modern than everyone.


Not only straight sleek suits well for the blunt cut, wavy texture hair with blunt bob style looks cute and makes you stay stylish. Even though, the wavy cut does not show much precision of the cut like the sleek one, you can still feel the dense ends that are naturally disconnected.


With slightly off centre parted and medium length hair, the wavy texture adds more look to the style. With wisped bob style, the wavy texture is a mix of lowlights and highlights will be the real gossip in this bob. The color choice created with a sea of natural color on a soft brown base is the special feature of this style.


The bob blunt cut style, makes perfect sense with right shades of hair color. With ombre highlights, the straight bob is a one style that works well with. This is a classic cut and, act like a canvas framing your face elegantly.


You can even go for chocolate brown with caramel highlights or darker black shades, which goes well with the bob cut. Depending upon your creative and innovative style, you can choose any hair color. The right touches of color and texture makes effortless style.

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