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51. Shih Tzu haircuts:


Do you know what the best thing is about owning a dog that has the capacity to grow back its hair?  It is that you can style it in limitless ways and you can let your imagination wander. That being said, there are many different hairstyles that are popular among Shih Tzu’s. While some dog owners prefer a particular look and decide to maintain that look for years, many others choose to experiments with their dog’s haircut. Provided that your Shih Tzu has a healthy coat, it will grow back quickly and this allow you to change the hairstyle of your dog quite often. There are many different hair styles for Shih Tzu dogs. Keep in mind that you will need to consider a few things before you choose a particular style for your dog. Also make sure that you have a good dog groomer.




By keeping the coat of your dog tangle free it will ensure that the coat grows back quickly. You also need to use high quality products that include shampoos, conditioners and a really good leave-in spritz. No one can deny the fact that the Shih Tzu is a gorgeous breed. But, you also need to know that to maintain the hair of your Shih Tzu, you will need to spend some time and effort on this. In this article we shall introduce you to a few Shih Tzu haircuts. So prepare to be awed.


The Puppy Cut is a famous hairstyle. There are many versions to this cut, but usually the hair is cut short all over. This works really well during the summer and this look is easy to achieve. Some people might think that it is shame to waste all that beautiful hair but this hairstyle will help keep your puppy cooler during the summer. This haircut is also low maintenance and does not require extensive brushing. Another hairstyle is the long puppy cut. This is a style similar to the short puppy cur but the hair on the chest is longer. This haircut is low maintenance as well and helps you save and cherish the beautiful hair of your Shih Tzu too.


The teddy bear cut is a popular cut among Shih Tzu’s. This haircut provides your puppy with a soft look that it almost looks like a stuffed animal. This is a very cute and adorable haircut. Your puppy is bound to grab the attention of almost every passer-by. Usually children love this style on dogs. The practical top knot cut is an easily recognizable haircut. This look is achieved by initially collecting as much hair as possible to the top of the dogs head and then securing it with the help of a clip. The remaining hair that is not held in the clip is cut to give your dog a neat look.


And finally let’s look at the top knot show cut. This haircut is made in the same manner that the practical top knot is made but instead of trimming off any hair from the dog’s body, all the hair is left to grow long. But keep in mind that this hair cut is high maintenance and is expensive.

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