Shaved Side Hairstyles For Women




Men will look for a change- over in their grooming and they wish to be unique with their styling from hair to the shoes. An up- swept hair strands with a fantastic bouncing strands with a side shaved scalp is the peculiar and famous hairstyles for the men. Smartest punks with limited length which are neatly spiked is one of the most famous and an all- time favorites of young men with their sides shaved.


As side shaved scalp is becoming more trendy among the youngsters in the recent time, the new budding stylists with their new techniques and creativity are still creating number of hairstyles side shaved hairstyles suiting the expectations of young men.


The side shaved haircuts for men are many. Drop fade is one of the fantastic options of side shaved haircuts. Every hair cut whether it’s for men or women it has to be customized according to the hair texture and the shape of one’s head.


In this regard, drop fade suits almost all the head shapes of young men whereas other faded cuts might not suit for some specified head shapes and hair types. These drop fade vary with their models being low, medium and high faded depending on one’s preferences and suitability. It goes be smashing when the razor curvy lines or letters and words are made on the trimmed part of the scalp.


A classic and manly make-over with clean edge in the brush cut which looks smashing with a regular and periodic maintenance carrying the same masculine and stunning look. This fantastic hair make- over will never make the scalp clumsy as far as neat trimming maintained throughout changing one’s hairstyle.


One of the stunning and funky make- overs for men is the mushroom cut. The bouncy strands in the middle with the front bangs make the look ravishing when it is made on an oblong face. Sometimes an uncombed muddled strands of young men projects them to be very stylish, daring and hunk with a side shaved scalp.


These side shaved haircuts can also be made unto a ponytail with the front hair for men or some takes an advantage of braiding the same to cornrows in the middle. Cornrows are familiar among both the men and women as its elegance and breathtaking make leaves an unveiling effect for the ones having a glance on them. These are being the trendiest hairstyles for young men in the recent years protruding one- self unique and dashing.


Manly and mass pompadours can also be curved up on top to blend and make a crown like styling which goes ultimate and awesome with its smooth finish complementing one’s formal suit giving a retro make- over with one’s side shaved well. Pompadours takes different appeal when the sides are shaved making it more doomed.


Men’s side shaved haircuts are the best when made on to a straight hair strands and goes classy on a party wear and casual wear making the look mesmerized. These side shaved haircuts having its history since the 18the century followed by the white men still gaining its credibility in recent times.

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