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The Colombian singer/songwriter ‘Shakira’ is also a dancer and record producer, who is also popular for her hairstyles and astonishing looks. Her long mane looks is mostly the perfect way to show off the long face features that are universally flattering in each way.


Shakira has naturally blessed long locks of thick curls, reaching below her shoulder line. Like most of the iconic looks in the 90’s, she started her career with revolutionary bold hair colors. The excellent bright red hue, along with the crimped hair made her face glow.


She really took a turn from the bright red hue and lighten up her hair with a platinum waves. Thick strands of waves from the roots get blends well with her warm skin tone.


From then, she kept on changing her looks with a bold attitude hair colors. At the ‘Whenever, Wherever’ album event, she gave her hair a mix of dark black hair with bright golden color. Equal alternative, strand combinations of dark black and golden hair from the roots gave her a heavy look.


Again, she contrasted her hair with a heavy bright golden color that softens her look with an edgy full framed style. The sleek straight texture hair from the top and thick curls at the ends with a deep part side, offers her a romantic look.


To the bright golden toned down bright locks, Shakira adds thin scattered wispy bangs hitting the forehead and make her sleek texture into loose curls from the midways.


Shakira once again toned down her locks with a honey hue, which looks like a flecked shoulder-brushing hairdo. The frizzy textured curls gave her a dense up look. For attending the next event, she showed off her natural curls with the dark honey hue.


Later, she stepped out from the curly look to achieve the sleek smooth blonde beach waves. A side-parted long beachy wave is an eye-catching style and with a bright red lip, it gave her a polished finish.


This time, she revert her sleek texture using a voluminous look offered by the subtle blonde hair locks and becomes the beauty routine appearance in the event.






Shakira again started to flaunt her style with natural curly dark blonde hair looks, during the taping of ‘The tonight show with Jay Leno’.


Her next curly look is the platinum combined with golden highlights, lightened up her ringlet curls at the ends. The dark root line enhanced the overall platinum ringlets.


She not only looks great with long locks alone, her short asymmetrical chic bob haircut with bright golden hue looks super. The touch of side-swept thin stranded fringe reaching below her eyes is the talk of the entire event.


From the sleeked asymmetrical bob, she went for the vintage look bob style. The side curled bob style, along with delicate dusting of makeup is again an instant style statement.


Finally, she again went with do not care long hair looks. With light long blonde locks of loose waves offers her a breezy style. Her boldest hairstyle is the bold platinum thick curls of dewy complexion, which is a strong case style.

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