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The very famous ‘The Descendants’ movie artist ‘Shailene Woodley’ delivers a star-making performance in the movie, is also an activist and an American artist. Between the roles, she chooses and off screen activism, there is a lot more to admire about her. One amongst is the evolution of her hairstyles.


When it comes to hairstyling, Woodley play with her hair lengths, from long to short and sometimes, choppy. She also adds small changes to the hair color and along the way shifting her styles from braids to looks that are more avant-garde.


Shailene initially had natural sleek medium length hair, that fall below her shoulder line. She had a bang that is slightly side swept and looked like a fresh face young star. For a voluminous look, she paired a simple updo that is side sweep and little messy. This is the one sophisticated look that, she had gone for attending, the American music awards.


She complemented her medium sleek hair with layered cut and side bangs and, some sun-kissed highlights. This look of Woodley is more classy and gorgeous. From side swept bangs, she went for centre parted one.


The defined middle part add beauty to her shine and she, accompanied with a barely touch makeup. To the MTV movie awards, Woodley went for a simple surfer-girl look with side tousled fish braid tails and slightly messy head.


Later, she went back for a darker hue to attend a Hollywood party. The middle to end wavy texture with this hue, gave her a voluminous look and the side swept long bang look is simple and, flawless. Woodley even piled her hair up and went for a chic and, messy updo with natural makeup, in the Los Angeles premiere show.


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