Shag Haircuts For Wavy Hair Women



Shag haircuts are all about the varying textures and the layers. Girls love their shag haircuts and this hairdo is suitable for both fine hair and hair that is wavy. Wavy shag hairdos are often the last word in cool and it also shows just how much a woman can achieve with even short or medium hair. There are plenty of variations that girls can go for with the wavy haired shag haircut.




Girls with short hair hair can go for a shag bob cut with layers that are short and wispy to begin with and then add some bangs which are blunt. This cool wavy hairdo is great for those girls with big foreheads as it hides that feature of their face totally and makes their countenance look more shapely.




Girls can also go  for what they  call a flipped out shoulder hairdo. This look has a bouncy wavy texture towards the bottom part of the hair. Girls can also go for the bed-head bob hairdo. This very stylish look is achieved by twisting wet hair into braids or buns and afterwards just letting them loose. Very cute and more importantly  very chic.




Now, colour and highlights always light up any hairdo and if a girl isn’t scared of a bit of colour, then she can always show off her wavy shag hair in a classic shade of auburn. Not only does  this hairstyle look very sophisticated but the colour gives it a very tangible edge.




But, then it is pretty tough to beat the classic shag hairdo. This sexy hairdo with its long bangs and many layers with its messy ends give a girl that irresistible alluring look and if a girl has beautiful eyes, she can use this hairdo to highlight them. A girl can also go for the curly shag bob hairdo which can make her look very cute indeed.




However, nothing celebrates the inherent beauty of this hairdo like a long shag hairdo. This hairdo is perhaps the sexiest of all the shag hairstyles. The layers are long and flowing and the beautiful flicks over the length complete a look that is quite stunning. If a girl goes for this particular shag haircut, then she is sure to make the guys go weak in the knees.




Girls with soft bouncy curls can go for a side-parting and by sweeping the curls to one side, she can get the curly shag look for herself. This sophisticated looking face-framing hairstyle has that “come-hither” look about it which is very arresting and is an embodiment of elegance at its minimalistic best.




So, shag hairdos work just as well with wavy hair as it does with straight hair. It is one of the many ways in which girls can do up their short hair such that they can look classy, elegant if not sophisticated. This  hairstyle is one of those hairdos with which they can get that romantic vibe going with their hair. None of these looks are that difficult to achieve and in most cases an absolute hoot when it comes to maintenance. A total win-win situation.

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