Shag Haircuts For Fine Hair Women



Shag haircuts are a great way to experiment with one’s short haircut.  This hairdo is great for all face shapes and looks great even on women who  have straight hair. This hairdo has many variations as it allows a girl to play with the style in more ways than one. The look is also very useful when a girl wants to give herself a youthful look.




A girl with fine and thin hair can add layers to recreate the messy shag haircut. This look not only lends the wearer an air of youthfulness but also gives her hairstyle a playful look. Now, if a girl loves to go casual then a she can go out for the blown-out look with edged out shaggy layers. This look is great for the ladies with brunette hair!




A girl can also opt for something finer like the bright brown shaggy haircut. This shiny look combines shaggy layers with hair that is fine and glossy. Simple layers can also be added to black hair that is fine and glossy for the suave shag haircut. But if one is a lover of curls then glowing fine hair combined with bangs that are soft and angular and shaggy curls is one sultry look.




But if a girl loves to have volume with short hair, then a voluminous short shag lends a bouncy texture to the hair which makes it immediately look a lot fuller. This cut is especially loved by the Japanese girls. However, a shaggy up-do with lots of shaggy bangs and slight side fringe is another look that the ladies with shag hair can go for.




Now if a girl doesn’t mind throwing a bit of colour in the mix, then a shag cut in a bright shade of pink lends a look that is characterized by sensuality and gives an impression of volume. Essentially, killing two birds with one stone! Straight haired women can also keep it simple and a shag cut with asymmetric layers going till the shoulders is one alluring look.




But, if waviness is a girl’s thing then she should look no further than the sultry shag haircut. This is one awesome combination where romantic waves and shag hair create a look that is sure to make most men go weak in the knees. If this look is combined with platinum blonde hair, then the style gurus are sure to go all gaga!




Another look that is sure to up the oomph factor, is the long dark shag. This look styles long dark coloured hair into symmetric shaggy layers for an overall appearance that is just drop dead classy if not sensuous.




So, the shag haircut is just as appealing for women with fine hair. It just reiterates again that girls can do a lot with short haircuts. One of the best things about the shag haircut is that it even lets girls add volume to a short haircut. The look is classy, sophisticated and in some cases, it can even just simply be cute and fun.

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