Shag Haircut For Men



When you want your hair to look simple and keep it for a long time, then you can go for the latest trend – the ‘Shaggy hairstyle’. This style is a strategically unkempt cut that will give you a carefree look and the hairstyle is a fashion style statement.


Men with artistic feel and cheerful nature, always choose this Shaggy haircut. It often reflects the need for simplicity. This is actually the layered cutting of hair in various lengths from short to medium, or long. Any hair texture with curls or waves, thin or thick – this messy and casual look is perfect all-around hairstyles for men.


The Celebrity and actor ‘Travis Van Winkle’ has amazing, wavy shagged haircut. His style has a real casual look and the layers make perfect sense to the overall look.


This haircut is simply a messy look given to the layered hair, which is mainly wavy in nature. These are easy to style and embodiment of controlled chaos. You can combine shaggy to any hairstyle you want and it works well with anything.


If you have a long hair that reaches until your shoulder line and, thinking for styles to give a fine look to it. Then you must go with the shaggy style, as this style suits well with the long hair and you still spot this hairstyle on modeling runway.


The side parted shaggy waves, with prominent sideline makes the look more enhanced. The side waves that practically fall with the eyes give you a modern look and stay stylish.


Shaggy style with front straight bangs, are more popular. The straight bangs with slight blunt cut that fall in the forehead look smart and sexy. You can style the top-layered hair, the way you want it to look. You can make it either messy or slightly scattered strands, which is merely your choice.


With fade on the sides, the shaggy style will offer you a rugged look. This makes you unique amongst others and, the mid fade behind the ears and back gives you a sexy look. The tapered shaggy cut at the top and faded sides is a great combination that is even suitable, for any workplace environment.






The blonde shade wavy shaggy hairstyle is more famous and offers you a modern stylish look. Dark blonde shades with some caramel highlights can also be a best choice, for warmer skin tones. Depending on your skin tone and natural hair color, keep trying some different shades to add details to your shaggy look.


Shaggy styles with beard look, is a great partner. The long dense beard with more messy wavy top-layered hair looks bold and is a different style. When you love to have dense and thick beard style, then you can go for this shaggy style to accompany it. Trimmed beards or some prominent beards lines can also be some choices that suits well, with this hairstyle.


No much, maintenance to this style needed and it is easy to style. After achieving the shaggy style and look, you will surprise with the overall make over, which offers you a flattering look.

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