Sassy Haircuts For Women



Sassy haircuts for women


Hey, we’ve a really interesting hairstyle which you shouldn’t miss! Sassy hairstyle is what we are talking about, as it is a special hairstyle which has the power to make you look much younger than your actual age. Especially, if you have a short hair, you should be pairing it with sassy haircut. This is particularly for all the middle aged women out there, who crave to look young and energetic!


If in case you’re wondering how sassy works out, we will help you out. It is just a technique of pairing your simple bob or pixie with something like layers, asymmetrical, different lengths, feather, hues and colours. Just playing around with these elements can give you the desired stunning image you wanted always.


Vibrant looking hair will always be eye-catching. So, we’d love to give you sneak peek of a pixie with highlights. Get a trendy appearance with temple undercut paired with some purple and blue highlights. Also, remember to wear the same colour eye makeup to define your style. Go sassy, by pairing your hair with longer bangs. Highlight your bangs alone to frame your facial features. This hairstyle will for sure seek attention!


Streak some brown and blonde ombre, and get your wavy hair a refreshing look. This will suit you the best, if you have bob which reaches your shoulder. Then, you can also think about varying the length of your whenever and wherever you want to get really bold look. Pairing some pastel colours like mint or peach will look mind-boggling!


Stacking all your hair as bob will for sure make you look sexy! You should take advantage of it by wearing a bright lipstick as it is the centre of focus as hair covers other features mostly. The layers are angled in a sassy way to make you look breath-taking. Contrasting colours on a hair is trending, you should try a lighter shade of blonde for your black hair. Styling also plays a huge role, so go for a side swept asymmetrical cut. Rock this style with the chic look!


Angled curls and long bangs is an ideal combination if you are Afro-American who is looking for sassy bob cut. Creation of a cute and bubbly image is made easy with this style. As a white if you love blonde, don’t hesitate anymore! Get gutsy and sport a colour as same as your skin even if some stylist are not happy with it. You can convince them by giving brown base to your highlights!


Gone are the days when women shy away from sporting something similar to men! Just try a Mohawk like pixie with long top with short sides to recreate the fauxhawk. Pair it with some red or blonde. All the fringe lovers can get a sassy look with silver or white. Texturing it with asymmetry or reverse bob will just make you look the best. Don’t take a back seat from experimenting with the haircut you really love. Keep the fire burning to look as sassy as possible!

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