Russian Hairstyles For Women



Russian hairstyles for women


The fashionable Russians are also known for their hairstyles which keep evolving over the years. They love to be up-to-date with fashion as they keep changing something or the other to be in trend. We’re here to tamper the time machine a bit to travel back to the last century to know in brief all the hairstyles that was popular in each decade. Hope you’re excited to know more about the past as we are!


Back in 1910, woman use to keep it simple with a wavy bob. The hair flowed freely on the nape with the help of the middle part. They use to pair it with a head chain and roses to make it prettier. As interesting it sounds, women used to look at their best with this hairstyle. Moving to 1920, a well set round bob was over everywhere at that time. It is best suit for women with straight hair. It is low maintenance as all you have to do is take a side part and set your hair.


Then comes 1930, when fashion din’t change much as they just have to tie a head scarf to be in trend. It is just simple and easy as you can sport any hairstyle but must pair it with a scarf to look chic. In 1940, the time of Second World War, people were high on soviet patriotism! That influenced in the fashion industry too, as woman started sporting soviet cap. But, they use to roll up their front hair with the help of a side part.


Moving into 1950s, Russian women comb back their hair as a rolled up up-do with a ribbon and bow. This particular look was a class apart as it emits fashion with this style. But in the year 1960, hair was let loose again with just a head band on the front.  Then in 1970s, the loose hair was turning to a bit wavy with a side part. It was also paired up with fur cap to make a style statement as well as to beat the cold.


Back in times of 80s, already wavy hair was not enough, so it was made into curls. This stylish look has many die-hard fans even now. The 90s saw bangs being in trend, so it was paired with a wavy look. In this century, it is all about just middle and side parts as nowadays Russians like to keep it subtle.


You can’t deny the fact that pulling it off with a simple look is not that easy, but Russians do it with ease. They are born to gracefully portray themselves as trend-setters even if it looks easy. Not that all can sport the graceful image they have just by wearing a side part or a bob. We think it is time to work on our fashion statement to catch with them. You don’t want to lag behind, so do we! Let’s start doing the most elegant Russian hairstyle and pull it off as much as we can!

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