Rose Gold Ombre Hair Color Ideas



Many always, love coloring their hair to the recent trends. Now, one of the most compelling hair trends that hit the social media is the ‘Rose gold ombre’. This is the coolest hair color trends that blow up all over and you cannot stop staring it.


The curly and wavy hairstyle, with the blend of red and pink to create a shimmering shade is lovely for the spring and summer months particularly. Moreover, the rose gold ombre is a rather subtle shade, as opposed to other vibrant shades.


This ombre uses the popular combination of pinky-bronze shade that tint in a more subtle way. Whether you want to dye your hair completely to the entire head, or to play with streaks and coat your ends alone, this color shade offers variety of choices.


The best of both colors has combined by creating a bright and girlish style, which is unusual enough to stand out. This is the excellent choice for blonde-haired women to try something out of the box. The rose gold will not be an extreme change and it would not fade away easily.


However, the best thing about the rose gold ombre is how the color blends with both the hair and the skin. Pink is a little cool color, while gold is warmer one. Therefore, the combination of these two, will suit for any skin type and tone.


Even though, almost all shades of rose gold hair suits well, you can go for more variations with the color choice better than these two. Some shade combinations like, Peaches and warm gold or Lavender and ash blonde and balayage highlights are available.


As most of the above-mentioned shades lean closer towards the rose gold color, they will flatter your skin tones and soften the features. There is also no reason to keep your roots virginal, as rose gold go well with almost any natural hair color.


Moreover, these colors also go well with natural hair colors like, auburn, dark brown and even ash. Hence, you do not need to worry about giving a try to this style, as it suits well for everyone.


If you are already a blonde person, then you are lucky to go with this color, as you do not need to any bleach and you can achieve it with the effect of your own. However, other hair shade person needs to a bit careful, as the rose gold ombre needs bleaching.




The point of styling the hair with rose gold ombre, offers you a prominent feminine and romantic looks. The wavy texture will make you look more cute and stunning. Try to maintain some simple hairstyles with the color, as that is enough to stay flawless.


Regarding maintenance of this rose gold ombre, use color safe shampoo and try avoiding it on the first place. It will do a better job in preserving your hair color.


Give right nourishment treatment to your hair, either with coconut oil to keep, it shine and healthy. Most importantly, avoid heating tools and make use of blow dryer, if you must do heat styling.

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