Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas For Women



Amongst all the shades of pink hair color, the rose gold hair has become one of the most compelling trends hitting the social media. Surprisingly, this hair color trend can be bold or subtle, as how you want it look on the hair.


Other than many vibrant shades trending, this rose gold color is lovelier with the perfect blend of gold and pink, which offers a bright girlish unusual style to stand out. If you want to try something out of the box, the rose gold hair color can be a best choice for an extreme change over.


Although, the best thing about the rose gold is that it blends well with all other hair colors and skin tones as well. Hence, you do not need to worry about giving a try to this style, as it suits well for everyone.


The first choice will be the soft glow of dark rose gold hue to the complete hair and this amazing unnatural color can give you a perfect natural look, which is the special feature about this soft glow. With different lightening effects, the soft glow peeks through as violet, rose and lavender shades.


If you have natural blonde hair and does not go completely with rose gold, then give a perfect mix of rose gold shade to some strands on the top hair than the below one. As the natural blonde shade is very light, these minimal strands make it look like a full rose gold hair.


Sometimes, rose gold highlights with high rooted balayage process give your hair great movement and style. This subtle highlight fades well with the balayage, resulting in a neutral light brown hair. This shade makes way to wear rose gold shade with formal dresses and to workplace environments.


For loose wavy bob hairstyle and with natural dark blonde color, the more influences of rose gold makes your bob stunning. The specialty about this color is all different tones of rose gold shade applied throughout the hair.


These influenced shades of rose gold for each strands, makes you shine with an intense fashion color that is very bold and vibrant as well.


Even though, almost all shades of rose gold hair suits well, you can go for more variations with the color choice better than these two. Some shade combinations like, Peaches and warm gold or Lavender and ash blonde and balayage highlights are available.


Most celebrity stars like, Emma Roberts, Ella Faming and many more have rocked with this rose gold obsession style. The pinky-metallic hue has been the most popular choice of these stars, as the shade merges well with their glowing skin tones.


When it comes to maintaining this rose gold hair, use color safe shampoo and conditioner, which keeps your color everlasting. Moreover, apply coconut oil to keep it well nourished, stay shine and healthy.


Most importantly, avoid heating tools or curling irons, to style your hair. Natural loose hairstyles will be enough to rock with this hair colors.

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