Rockabilly Hairstyles For Men



Rockabilly hairstyles for men


Why should women have all fun by sporting different hairstyles? It’s high time that men get serious about their haircuts too. Talking about cool haircuts for men, you should surely know more about Rockabilly hairstyles. It is a common thing that fans go crazy about the hairstyles sported in music or movie. Same applies in this case as well; Rockabilly being a popular music style in 1950s has captured millions of hearts with music as well as hairstyle. This music form is mixture of rock-n-roll and hillbilly.


It takes influence from some artists of rockabilly, the hairstyle of grease and high haircut. The popularity of this music gave an opportunity to the artist to wear a style which suits the music. The 1950 hairstyle still existing as it has the charm still intact. Go for this look if you love rockabilly and even if you don’t like it. You should try it once in your life in order to know why this style was famous then as well as now.


The hairstyle has evolved over the years in different forms which we will be seeing in detail. One such form is greasy taper fade which is all about taper fade in the sides with long top hair to comb over. Remember to keep it wet with a help of hair gel which will give the absolute wet look which will attract women. Let’s go more voluminous, fohawk will need a lot of long hair which should be at least 8 inch long to create the look. Keep the sides short as well as well as set your fohawk with hair spray to keep it intact.


Comb over your top hair but keep your side short or shaved to get a modern look. You take it to next league; all you have to do is shorten the top hair with a longer taper fade to get Ivy League style with some beard on. Or, just maintain an undercut with a side part which is obvious with a comb over on the other side for the short top.


Charm your girl with Zayn Malik like spiky taper fade! All you have to sport is some clean taper fade with gelled top volume hair. If in case you don’t want sport something modern as then keep your spikes short. This for sure please you as it is simple yet trendy. Love for pompadour and your thick actually go hand in hand. You have to keep your sides short with longer back. Also, make your front hair about 4 inches in length on the top to keep this look simple and smart.


Wondering how to tame your unruly curly locks into rockabilly? Worry not; you just need a lot gel and some styling to achieve the desired look. You still can grow your hair to look like rockabilly artists with middle part paired with bangs. You may also feel free to get creative by sporting different designs on your short side parts. Just rock your new dapper look!

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