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The most popular Twilight series actor ‘Robert Pattison’ is almost famous for all his hairstyles. He was stealing many hearts as the mysterious Vampire and the media was all about the Twilight Sage at that movie time release. Since making his movie debut until to this day, he kept him busy with movies as well as creating own styling options for his hair.


Pattison hair sometimes look great short or great long, it even has some mysterious cowlicks and the color of fine whisky. In short, we cannot take eyes from all his hairstyles and where it goes, we follow.


Earlier at the start of the career, the role of Pattison in Harry Potter movie, he had a true Hufflepuff form that his hair was perfectly coiffed and, he looked younger and smart. To the premier of this movie show, he sported with the long fluffy hairstyle.


Pattison had a big fluffy heads of hair that seem to defy gravity and this type of style takes work, tools and product to get this rugged look. The long layers on top with the shorter sides that scattered throughout the head, as straight strands look different and fluffy.


For the Twilight movie, Pattison has some James Dean vibe going on with the teased hair. Those orange hues of the hair, is noteworthy. The back and the sides of the head are short and close. The lengthy top with teased hair, gives style the plenty of texture needed.


After the role of Edward Cullen, he started playing with hair styling options. The tons of rocking volume look at the premier show, was still memorable to many. For the red carpet, he slicked back the long hair and tamed his locks that gave him a sexy look.


Next, for the New Moon movie, he trimmed his locks little more. The cool hairdo tapered at the sides and jagged cut long layered top creates maximum texture and, making the style perfect balance for the round shape. There were auburn hues touch to this style and look.


To the Eclipse movie premiere, Pattison revamps the style by buzzing his sideburns for a new fresh look. He had a clipper cut at the back and sides to maintain a clean tidy edgy top around the ears. The more spiked hair strands look great and easy to do.


In Cosmopolis, he kept his hair sleek and straight with side parted. From then he went for buzz cut very close to his scalp and the slightly left ½-inch strands achieve texture and easy styling.  This low-fuss hairdo is great for any occasion and needs only less time to style.


After that, he grown out his hair to a certain medium length and, maintained a beard look. The hairstyle is so cool and the smoothened texture behind the ears gives a tidy finish to the edges. Once, to an event he maintains a French beard look to this eye-catching hairstyle, with swept back top and clean finished edges.


After all these years; lastly, he gave his hair a nice once-over with comb and people have to admit that this style looks good on him.

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