Robert Downey Jr Hairstyles



The most popular actor, who has been in the movie business for all his life ‘Robert Downey Jr’, is one of the biggest stars in the world. Downey is not only popular for his unique acting all over the world, but also famous for his unique hairstyle sense and inspiring.


Over the years, his hairstyles evolved with many different options. Robert had a natural wavy textured hair that looked perfect and, frame his face. He had grown out it to a certain length, which reaches until his ear line.


The curls especially around the sides and high partition at the sides look classy and smart. Then for a movie, he even had parted the long wavy hair to the side with bangs that were so long and, were practically falling in his eyes, even them parted to the side.


Sometimes, people want to get rid of his long curly looks. Therefore, from his long hairstyle, he went for a short haircut look. With messy bangs, the style looks great. This hairstyle makes him look younger and offers a well-defined style.


Robert, even went for short scalp buzzed hair cut and, with trimmed beard, the style looks more vibrant. The shorter sides and curly front hairstyle, is the proof that short styles can be iconic and stylish. Downey has very short sides, but in the front, he had enough long hair to be form into bangs.


Then comes, the most favorite curly ‘Sherlock Holmes’, hairstyle. He let his hair grow out and once again he shown his curls to the style. The messy style is the special feature of this hairstyle, which made him stay stylish.


From his messy curly looks, he tried slick back hairstyle that makes him look neat and clean. Some people love this slick back hairstyle of Downey and it is easy to recreate.


For the Iron Man movie, he was wearing his hair to a medium length and styled to take advantage of his natural waves. He was wearing a moustache and beard; this idea adopted a softer and more sensual look.


The messy look that, he did for the Iron Man 2 movie proves that messy looks can still be good. Today, he still maintains his medium length hair, but with different styles. The style features a taper sides and jagged cut on the top. Moreover, the crown has cut short fairly with few locks left for longer texture.


Robert looks more stylish and smart with the styling, he had made by simply running the fingers into the hair. With the shaping gel or mousse, the bit of hold, in the hair has maintained. It will make the hair stay in place, to give a funky look with minimum fuss.


He wore styles that look modern; also, he dyed his hair with either light blonde shade or darker ones. The moustache and beards left to grow to a unique style suits all his hairstyles and the way he carried himself is what matters.

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