Rihanna Hairstyles



The Barbadian singer/songwriter and producer ‘Rihanna’ is one of the most famous black models who become the top paid leading artist.  Rihanna does not commit to one look and keep on changing her hairstyles.


Her ever-changing hairstyles have become a signature trend and the individuality made her into an iconic star today. In addition, Rihanna is a pioneer who dares to try all type of edgy hairstyles and looks. Some below mentioned unique hairstyles of Rihanna are seriously incredible.


Her most favorite style is the edgy side-swept long curl with undercut shaved one side. The bouncy thick strands of long curls, which she swept all the beautiful locks into one side and the other side shaved with undercut style. This stylish hairstyle really upgrades her look and shows off an unparalleled fashion statement.


Mostly, Rihanna prefer a side-swept style that boasts her unique edginess. The pulled hairdo made into a thin ponytail at the back gives glossy look and offers smooth finesse. With bright make up and the sleeked texture style, it elongated her face.


She then tied up her sleek dark long hair into a top high bun that offers a powerful glamorous style. The big neat bun gives a classy elite appeal.


Another bun style is the long bangs with bun look. The long bangs with centre-partition that left to flow on the sides, along with the high messy bun is a very quick and a stylish feel. This hairdo looks both wild and formal as well.


From the sleek straight texture, she went for frizzy curls by giving a wet feel to it. She let her top to stay smooth and styled curls starting from the lower part of the hairdo gives her a chic and edgy look.


With the same frizzy curls, she blends it into a messy updo. You can call this style a Rihanna personified style, which offers so much messy edginess look and not everyone can sweep this hairstyle better than she could.


Rihanna’s most bold and complete different try of hairstyle is the knotty knots. Multiple small knots with prominent patterned look resemble an alien head. She went with this unique style full of bold feminine attitude and little perky.


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