Ricky Martin Hairstyles

The Puerto Rican pop singer ‘Ricky Martin’ is also an actor and author. The all-boy pop group that he began at the age of 12 is famous, of all time. Martin is iconic with his luscious looks and hairstyles, which he rocked with long hair.

Throughout his career, he had a long hair that made him look different amongst other celebrities. With Martin kind of style, will make you look and feel like a celebrity. He has been an A-list superstar for more than two decades and famous for his styles.

The great transformation style of Martin is the long curly locks. The loose long curls or wavy hair is an extremely good partner, to his long face and square jaw. The fierce hair look was rocking, at that time.

On some occasions, he goes for long and funky hairstyles even though he likes to keep his locks short and neat. Then as his career grows, he had a sleek tapered cut. The haircut is about tapering the back and side strands, while leaving some sleek at the top.

The side sweep that he maintained using some gel over the forehead looks classy. He loves to style it in many ways, and the one involves highlights and sweeping the top strands into spikes with subtle layers.

Next, he went for fancy Fauxhawk style. He tapers the sides and makes an inch or two lengths top forehead. Then he sweeps the middle long locks into straight spikes, which is the strong evidence about his super cool hairstyles. Martin even did side swept spikes and tapering the top. He looked more stylish with the side spike style.

From Fauxhawk he did comb over style. The prominent sidelines with hard side part on this cut, looks fantastic. The tapered fade design at the back, spice up the comb over and looks perfect. For a certain time, he even had some textured bangs at the top and slightly side sweep style gives a full finished look.

The high and messy top with the taper cut is also the style that he loves to wear the most times. The distinct look by keeping some high and messy locks, gave him a stylish look.

The choppy uniform style and rugged high top haircut of Martin are always fashionable. The rough look and some smooth strands throughout the head, is the styling that he needed always. Other style is the shaggy upswept at the top, which is the highlight of the rugged haircut with short tapered sides.

The wavy tight and high top cut, is the trendy design that maintains some handsome look. The short finish is the impressive style and offers smart look that loved by everyone.

From cool classy haircut to messy spikes, there are even more styles that he went trying for his hairstyles and Ricky look great. This is evident that Martin is an epitome of hairstyles and looks. You can go for any of his looks, which are very easy and can make yourself comfortably smart.

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