Reverse French Braid Hairstyles



The French braid hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for girls. This hairstyle adds a classy edginess to a girl’s hair like no other hairstyle in the business. It not only adds volume to the hair at the back but also makes a girl’s hair look very taut. And, there are quite a few ways in which one can do up a French braid and one such variation is the reverse French braid.




A girl with short yet voluminous hair can go for a short reverse French braid. If a girl wishes to appear effortlessly charming, then this is the style for her! One can also go for a waterfall French braid and if a girl has smooth as silk tresses, this hairdo will make her look quite stunning. But, if she is in the mood for a bit of experimentation, then a combination of the classic and the reverse French braid is very simple on the eyes and very classy.




Now, a girl with golden blond looks can go for a diagonal reverse French braid which will lend her hair a very glamorous texture indeed. But then, a simple French braid looks quite classy on shimmering brown hair. But if a girl loves a bit of wizardry texturing, then the quite intricate bella reverse French braid is a great style to opt for.




Sometimes, going minimalistic says a lot more than all the intricacy in the world. A girl with sufficiently long hair can go for a loosely held French braid look. The overall look is not only quite casually sophisticated but also lends an air of romanticism to the overall look. It’s a perfect look for a date.




One can also go for a diagonal reverse French braid. This style looks especially cute on little girls with brown or dark hair. But if a girl doesn’t feel shy when it comes to a bit of hair colour, then she can jazz up the whole reverse French braid look with some funky shades of light red. But its best to keep the colouring conservative and not go over the top with it.




One can also team up a reverse French braid with a wedding bun on top. This look is not only very sophisticated but also adds a great deal of volume to the hair. This style looks quite stunning on girls with shiny and sleek brown hair that is well maintained. A girl can also go for a reverse French braid top knot. This look while being quite stylish is also very functional as it keeps the hair out of a girl’s face.




So reverse French braids not only add oodles of style to a girl’s overall look, but are also a very utility look. The braid not only sorts out the issue of the management of unruly strands of hair but it also makes a girl’s hair look fuller and more voluminous. This style has given the mundane braid a glamorous touch and the freedom to girls to carry out conservative experiments with their tresses.

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